June 8, 2011

Stressed Out Cora

Cora had a stressful weekend.  Things were fine but she got stressed out, nevertheless.

Stressed Cora

 I anticipated that she would be stressed and thought I'd present her with one of our 'Requests for Discipline' slips.  I filled one out and left it on her pillow on Sunday morning.  I was sure that a little spanking 'play' would help.

Well, it turned out the rest of the day Sunday just produced more stress.  When things finally came to a conclusion at about 4PM, we adjourned to our deck and enjoyed our 'cocktail hour'.  The conversation was wonderful and Cora was able to 'download' lots of stuff that had built up.  Being able to communicate is one of the most beautiful parts of our relationship.

I have been working on finishing up a couple of 'Spencer' paddles over the past week.  These were copies of the Nu-West/Leda paddles that I had purchased over 15 years ago.  One of the 'original' sits proudly on 'Cora's Rack' and its one of our favorites.  I decided to try a different finish on these two: Shellac.  Its an interesting finish and I applied about 5 coats, sanding between each coat.  Once the last coat was dry and sanded, I decided to apply some paste wax to finish it.

It was during our conversation on the deck that I was applying the wax.  I spent considerable effort with the polish rag and the result was a nice velvet finish.  I handed it to Cora who admired the smooth finish.  "Would you like to take it for a test drive?", I asked.  "Sure", she replied.

New Spencer (Top)
Original Spencer (Bottom)
Note: No Dog Toys were harmed in the production of this blog!
So, into the kitchen we went.  She had me bend over our table and began paddling me.  At this point she had let me keep my jeans on  "Don't hold back", I told her.  She started increasing the intensity.  Looking over my shoulder, I could see her wind up and apply what looked like a pretty hard swat.  Oh, and I felt it too!

"I want to compare your paddle with the original", Cora soon stated.  She pulled the original off her Rack and started paddling me with it.  It felt about the same.  After all, the new one was designed to be a copy of the original.  The new one does weigh about 1/2 ounce more (7 oz versus about 7-1/2 oz for the new one).  However, Cora found that the new one had a better 'balance'.  She continued to compare them back and fourth.  I was getting a very thorough paddling. 

Soon, Cora decided she wanted to continue paddling me but on the bare bottom.  Quickly, my pants were puddled around my feet on the floor and Cora continued her comparison. 

By this time I was 'warmed up' with the protection of my pants but now I was fully exposed.  She continued with an intense paddling.  It was burning like everything but I have to admit that I was enjoying it, too.  It was a combination of seeing her smile, not holding back and entering the 'zone'.  Wow!

Cora - Post Stress Relief

Finally she stopped and exclaimed, "Oh, that felt so good.  I feel like I have unloaded lots of stress."  And I am so happy that she receives such pleasure in paddling me.


Dana Kane said...

Cora is my shero of the day!

Anonymous said...

Great story and very cool pictures of Cora.

Tex said...

Sounds like Cora has decided your bottom makes one heck of a convenient worry stone now doesn't it? Good advice for a happy relationship I'm thinking...

Njspank said...


First off sorry for all of Cora's stress, as we spoke off line, I know the feeling but am gald all is ok.

Wow, nice story and nice stress relief for your wonderful lady. Nice paddling she gave you and no doubt the stress relief for you must have felt good as well.

You two are the best and agree with Ms. Kane, hero of day.

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

I'm really happy Cora has relieved all her stress, and I'm very sure you're happy it was you she let loose on. LOL

Good Post Ken

Newports.sub said...

It is great to hear that stress can be relieved from both ends of the paddle.

Nice post.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha... great pics of Cora!
Love seeing you taking it like a man... mmm, nice you needed more from her. :)
In other post, you're right,her backside looks stupendous...you are very lucky indeed!