June 26, 2011

Northwest Paddling Festival

Cora and I live in the Northwest part of the USA, specifically in the Seattle area.  Well, the news yesterday indicated that there was a uniquely Northwest celebration occurring this weekend:

The Northwest Paddling Festival!

We had a nice laugh about it yesterday morning.  Then yesterday evening, completely out of the blue (OK, its more gray here in Seattle), Cora steered me to the table in our kitchen area.  "Bend Over!", she instructed.  Of course, I complied.

She then proceeded to go to her 'rack' and applied about half her rack (there are now 14 instruments hanging from it) to my waiting backside.  About half way through, she reached into the waistband of the pants I was wearing and bared my bottom for the rest of the selections from her rack.  One of these was the big paddle (ouch!). 

For her final selection, she grabbed our new Spencer Paddle.  With this one, she really let go. (I think this was partly a result of watching a video of some Ladies applying a particularly hard paddling to some naughty boys).  Whew!  That paddle is the one with all the holes and it makes a swooshing sound as it travels its trajectory toward its target (me, in this case).
So, I am certainly glad that Cora decided to join the Celebration of Paddling in the Northwest.


Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure to hear how Cora takes care of you Ken. You must feel like a well cared for man.

Great Post as usual !!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful story Cora and Ken. Also, awesome collection of implements.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

As July arrives, the gray skies should clear a bit. But, I am doubtful that your bottom will remain white.

Njspank said...

Cora is a beautiful lady, the paddling just shows her love for her man and it is heart and bottom warming to continue to read about your journey together. Great post my friend.


Anonymous said...

Great to see Cora's lovely, smiling-yet-so-demanding face, and growing collection of paddles! Happy boating, LOL!