December 30, 2013

A Woman's Hairbrush (Revisited - Again)

We have shared a number of posts about our thoughts regarding a Woman's Hairbrush.  I think its the ultimate symbol of a woman's power and authority.  A while back Cora spoke of some of her hairbrushes in her "Hairbrush Comparison Test" video and was even referred to in a comment in our previous post (thanks JD).

My fascination for the hairbrush continues and was peaked while reading some stories about women using their hairbrushes to discipline their naughty 'boys'.  But something really caught my eye: There seemed to be a special about an ebony hairbrush.  It seems as though an ebony hairbrush symbolizes even stronger feminine power.  As a wood, ebony is heavier than most and is certainly a scarce resource.

So off I went in search of one for Cora.  I found one on e-Bay and was able to score the winning bid.  It came from the UK and arrived quite quickly for its traverse of an ocean and a continent.  Its almost the same size as our older Nu-West/Leda hairbrush (the one featured in our wedding video last January) but it weighs about 20% more. 

Its getting hard to find a traditional flat back hairbrush that's large enough to make a substantial impact so I felt lucky to find one that seemed to fit our criteria.  However when it arrived I found that instead of a flat back, it had a slight concave shape to it.

So Cora took it for a 'test drive' and over her lap I went.  She found that she liked the balance and the weight.  She started to spank me with it, lightly at first.  Then she increased the intensity a bit.  Much to our surprise, the concave shape seemed to enhance its effectiveness.  When Cora applied a bit of 'English' (pun intended, remember it came from the UK) it really resulted in an intense sting accompanied by a rather loud 'crack'.  And Cora found that it seemed to have a natural 'snap' at the end of her stroke.  She said, "it almost spanks by itself".

It appears we will need to upgrade the video of Cora's Hairbrushes and I think she will be planning a rather serious session with it.  Soon.  After all its my birthday on Wednesday. 

More to come and maybe a video or two.


Anonymous said...

I love to read about you and Lady Cora, she sure knows how to spank your bottom. Our hair brush has a slight problem. Seems she uses it so much the side applied to my bottom has wear marks. Good luck making the new video.

J.D. said...

Happy Birthday Ken. Looking forward to your new video. I'm sure the ebony hairbrush will play a prominent role. So often the "sequel" doesn't come up to the standard of the original. But if anyone can pull it off, it's your lovely leading lady. "Ebony and Ivory"might be an appropriate score. J.D.

Red said...

Happy New Year to you both. The quest for the best women's wooden hair brush is a wonderful quest, so good luck in the forthcoming year. Then pass along the name and manufacturer for everyone to purchase.
bottoms up

Respecting Mistress said...

Hi Ken and Cora. Happy New Year to you both. Nice to hear that you are continuing to expand your collection of hairbrushes and have discovered such a British delight! Cora, I love your notion of a hairbrush that spanks by itself. I don't envy the more serious spanking that awaits you Ken (well maybe I do) but it's what birthdays are all about! Best wishes gk x

Anonymous said...

I hope your birthday was properly observed - or "marked"!

We have (or, rather, J. owns!) a very similar brush that came from her grandmother's house. The back is made of some black wood - I don't know if it is ebony, but it sure packs a serious wallop!


Anonymous said...

Spoken from experience!... L's derrière had just gotten sixty whacks of that paddle shortly before volunteering that comment!


Njspank said...

You two look terrific, well of course Cora does, hope all is well and thanks for this nice post about my favorite implement, one I love to hate!

Anonymous said...

I have used the hairbrush a couple of times since then, but L's backside has had quite a few more helpings of my favorite 'tool' - the martinet (which I recommend to Cora's attention!)


Tom said...

Hi Ken! Glad to see you back and blogging. Your blog is great and I enjoy keeping up with it.

I bought my wife 1/4" and 1/2" wood OTK paddles, a 1/2" long paddle, a leather paddle and "silent but deadly" PVC coated delron loop. She's getting me really good with those. Regards amigo!