January 4, 2014

Farewell to Aunt Kay and Bonnie

The Disciplinary Wives Club was the beginning for many of us who embrace the Female Led Relationship lifestyle.  I have entered several posts about Aunt Kay and her site most notably in July, 2010.  Our library includes her 'Disciplinary Plan' and we have all the videos she published.  Cora's famous collection of WAD's (Weapons of Ass Destruction) include a couple of DWC paddles ...

 and the awesome Ferule.

Well, earlier today I received an e-Mail from one of our friends that the DWC website is no longer up and running.  I checked it out and sure enough, all that comes up is a list of linked sites.  I admit that I haven't visited the DWC site in a while so I may have missed an announcement of the closing of the site.  Aunt Kay - You will be missed.

Also, Bonnie, who has hosted the blog, 'My Bottom Burns' has announced her retirement.  Bonnie is truly a blogger's blogger and she often posted information and advice to those of us who blog.  I still keep a copy of her 'Blogging 101' on hand.  Sadly I guess there will not be a 'Blogging 201'.  Hermione has announced that she will continue some of Bonnie's traditions such as the 'Spanko Brunch' on her blog, 'Herione's Heart'.  At least it will be in very good hands.  Bonnie - You too, will be missed.


Anonymous said...

I ha maysolve lurked on those site hundreds of times. Aunt Kay gave me the courage to ask my wife to spank me. I owe them both. Ed

suffolk89 said...

Will be missed.

Respecting Mistress said...

Hi Ken,

Happy New Year to you and Cora. here's to a well corrected 2014!

I too agree they will both be missed. Spent a lot of time looking at DWC in the early stage of our FLR.

And Bonnie's site was just superb information highway for newbies like us.



Hermione said...

I too will miss Bonnie very much, but her traditions will live on, as will her blog.


Anonymous said...

The DWC helped me talk with my wife about spanking by her reading articles and us talking. I got most of my start from the Naughty Victorian from Annapolis Maryland. They went out of business years ago but they had excellent short stories and impliments

espanker said...

Sad to see that DWC is no more! Does anyone have a copy of the DWC Handbook? PDF or whatever? I'd really like to get a copy for my wife.