March 10, 2014

Ebony & Ivory - A Tale of Two Hairbrushes

Well, at last count Cora actually has eight hairbrushes at her disposal.  And, two of them are really 'bath brushes'.  There is also one duplicate.
In a previous post, I described the acquisition of an ebony hairbrush.  It has become Cora's new favorite and I must say I like the results too.
 When we received the (first) ebony hairbrush we noticed the back was not perfectly flat as we expected but had a slight concave curve.  At first I was a bit alarmed but when Cora tried it out on me, we both found the results impressive.
Cora showing off her first concave-backed Ebony Hairbrush

The ebony hairbrush weighed 5 oz., an increase of about 20% over some of our other wood hairbrushes.  And Cora found the balance quite delightful.  When applied to my naughty backside, it had a natural 'snap'.  Cora said, "It almost spanks by itself".  And the impact produced a rather loud 'cracking' sound, almost the sound of a small firecracker.  And light a fire it does.  We have been attempting to hold weekly 'maintenance' sessions and after reading some of Ms. Francie's books Cora is spanking me much harder.  Something I both want and need.  More on that in a later post.

Cora showing her newest flat-backed Ebony Hairbrush

However, I was wondering if a true flat backed hairbrush might be better.  So back I went and obtained another ebony hairbrush from the same UK vendor.  I made sure that this one was truly flat, in the more traditional wood hairbrush style.  Both ebony hairbrushes are very close in size and the flat-backed hairbrush weighs only 1/4 oz. less.

However the difference in how they feel was quite pronounced.  The curved back Ebony Hairbrush produced a distinctive sting and the sound was much more pronounced.  And the sound seemed to add to the overall effect of getting spanked, something we plan to share through a video in the future.  In contrast the flat-backed Ebony Hairbrush produced more of a 'thud' feel and did not result in the same sound.

Cora showing both of her Ebony Hairbrushes

So as an interest in science, we were able to perform a quantitative study that produced definitive results. (Science Fair project, anyone?) And while Cora favors the original Ebony Hairbrush, she always enjoys adding to her collection.  And you never know when Cora may want to call on another woman to assist her and be able to apply a double lap spanking from both at the same time. (Well, I can fantasize).

So Cora would agree with the mantra that a woman can never have too many hairbrushes, especially the kind that work well in disciplining naughty men. 

Above shows most of her collection including (left to right) the second series of the Nu-West/Leda Hairbrush (we have a second one, too), the first series of the Nu-West/Leda Hairbrush (the one Cora spanked me for our wedding), the curved-backed Ebony Hairbrush, the flat-backed Ebony Hairbrush and an Ivory Hairbrush (OK, its really plastic is made to look like Ivory) that we found at an 'antique' store.  I have had direct 'contact' with each and every one of them and as I think I have stated before, there is no better symbol of feminine authority over a man than her hairbrush. 

Ivory and Ebony
Oh, and on a previous post a commenter mentioned that I should feature the Ebony and Ivory Hairbrushes together in an 'Ebony & Ivory' display.  So above is dedicated to that thought.

And finally here is Cora with her collection showing her sillyside.  Her playfulness is one of my favorite aspects of her personality, and even surfaces during a serious discipline session which only adds to the 'fun side' of her spankings.  Oh how I LOVE this Woman!!!


J.E. Hill said...

My bottom hurts just looking at them. But shouldn't it be, "Ebony & Ivory - A 'Tail' of Two Hairbrushes"?

spankedbywife said...

J. E.
I had to laugh as I almost used your spelling.

Anonymous said...

Your backside may suffer but, at least, no elephants were harmed!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts, I wish you posted more often. We only have one hair brush and the sound and sting is something you remember. Ours seems to come alive when she's using it on my bottom and dances from one cheek to the other, which in turn gets my legs kicking.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me more about Ms Francies books! I would love to get my girlfriend to read them!!! Love your site by the way :)

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Great to read your post. Great to see Cora.
I think we should pack up our hairbrushes and send them to you. We never use them. You are so right they work - all too well for wimps like us. It's no wonder they are the first choice for spanking.

Anonymous said...

What took you so long!!! It was worth the wait.

Njspank said...


I have felt most brushes but have not had the "pleasure" of an ebony and always hoped Auntie Andrea would use hers on me but nice post, lovely sexy lap and just love brushes.
You two be well.

Anonymous said...

Are the Nu West Leda Hairbrushes still able to be obtained? How does one go about that if so