March 16, 2014

Asking Us Questions and Ms. Francie's Books

In our previous post someone had asked about Ms. Francy's Books.  I was unable to contact this person as often the commenter's e-Mail address is not available.  If I click on the commenter's ID, I get something like 'no-reply-comment@blogger, or something like that.  I suppose I could have replied to his comment but I have actually planned a full blog posting on Ms. Francy's books, how I came upon them and how its affected the relationship between Cora and I.

So I'm afraid I have offended the commenter by not quickly responding.  I hope we don't loose them as readers.

So, I have done some 'housekeeping' on our blog.  Over on the right side of the blog are a list if items that we have built into the design of our blog.  First, there is some text describing how we would like anyone to handle our photos.  I have added a line about how to contact us.  Directly below that text is the 'About Me' section.  Until today, this was at the very bottom of the column and perhaps was not noticed by the commenter referred above.  So I moved it to the top.  If you click on the icon or click on 'View My Complete Profile' you get access to our e-Mail.  Please feel free to e-Mail us direct using this address.  We WILL reply.

I have also included a link to Ms. Francy's site under 'FLR and Other Related Resources'.  There are two great e-Books she has published, "Spanking the Male Mind and 'How to Spank Your Man'.  Plugging those titles into a search engine will also get you there.  I highly recommend both her books (currently she is running a 'special' if you purchase both at the same time) and while many of us got our Ladies started in spanking us naughty men from the Disciplinary Wives's Club, Ms. Francy's books are a great alternative.  Especially now that the DWC site seems to be gone.  In some ways I found Ms. Francy's philosophies even more applicable to our own lifestyle.

So please be patient and stay tuned.  I plan on posting articles on the progress of our 'Maintenance Spanking' process and also one about our own experience with Ms. Francy's books.

Spanking the Male Mind

I don't have access to the title pages from Ms. Francy's books so the above drawing by our very own Cora will have to set the scene for now.

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Yes thank you for responding to my post, sorry if I got a little impatient. You mentioned that you tried to contact me but were unable to. My email is