March 18, 2014

Maintenance Spankings

It took a while to recover from our Holiday season.  We put lots and lots of focus and energy into our light display.  Lots.  However the results were really satisfying and the interaction with people who stopped by was incredible.

So we also back-burnered our spanking activities.  It was just what we did (or didn't do).  So it took some effort to re-start things. 
About a month ago Cora and I sat down and discussed what we both wanted to do to restart things and the conclusion was to initiate weekly maintenance spankings.  Cora had forgotten how much better she felt after spanking me and I was missing the erotic experience of being directed over her lap to be given an application of her small OTK paddle or hairbrush.
As has been described earlier I searched and found not just one but two beautiful Ebony Hairbrushes.  And Cora found that she just LOVED using them on my naughty bottom.  So we decided that Wednesday would be the 'Day of Discipline'.  So far we have kept to our schedule fairly well missing only one Wednesday.  In addition, spontaneous spankings have occurred either as the result of my poor behavior or sometimes 'just because we wanted to'.

Prior to our decision to implement weekly maintenance spankings, I discovered two books authored by a delightful woman, Ms. Francy.  The first book in the series is, 'Spanking the Male Mind' which is followed by 'How to Spank Your Man'.  I highly recommend both and will described more about those two books in a subsequent post. 

So I convinced Cora to read these two books.  Since they are e-Books it was necessary to print them out.  Both Cora and I are old-fashioned in that we like books we can hold in our hands and often read them while relaxing in our bed.  Ms. Francy's writing was very insightful and it was like she was looking deep into the dark corners of my mind.  Her writings were describing me to myself better than I have even been able to accomplish in the past.  I told Cora as much and that she should consider that most of what she read applies to me.

The books are aimed at the female part of the FLR relationship and explains why a woman should not only spank her man but that there are many benefits for her.  She goes to great lengths to explain that its not unusual or 'evil' but natural and a gift of love.  Among the benefits Ms. Francy highlights are, 'Emotionally Healing', 'Fulfilling', 'Fun and Imaginative' and 'Sexy and Stimulating as all Get Out!' 
She also addresses why a woman should spank her man good and hard.  I think that most women who consent to spank their men are afraid of  'hurting them'.  Ms. Francy does an awesome job of explaining why a woman should 'err on the too hard side', and explains that 'Guys like to WITHSTAND things'.  (Ms. Francy's emphasis).  She further explains how men have a need to prove themselves.  As an example, she described a group of her co-workers, 'virile men in their 20's' as having a hot-dog eating contest resulting in 'the privilege of vomiting up everything they cram into their mouths' as a way to prove themselves.

Yes, we are like that.  At least I know I am and from what I have read from other men in spanking relationships with their wives and girlfriends, I am sure I am not alone.  And when I am being spanked I now know why I need to be spanked hard.  Very hard.  And Cora now knows why. 

In the past Cora would modulate the intensity of her spanks based upon my reaction.  If I ooo'd and aaawwwed and said ouch lots, she would back off.  Sometimes she would back off just a little but I could tell she was reducing the intensitity of the way she was spanking me.  I tried to tell her to not let up, but it was only after reading Ms. Francy's books that finally convinced her not to back off.  I also now know myself better and why I want to Cora to administer a 'good hard spanking' when the time comes for discipline.  I am now a much happier man even though its much more difficult to sit comfortably.

There is another tool that I have found that helps Cora 'get into the mood'.  We recently upgraded the TV that we watch in our main living area.  Its one of those 'Smart TV's' and even does 3-D (you should see the movie 'Hugo' in 3-D).  One of the features of this TV is that I can plug a memory stick into a USB socket and the TV will display what's on it.  This includes pictures and movies.  So I loaded a memory stick with pictures of women spanking men, Cora spanking me and videos of women spanking men, mostly in the OTK position and many with ebony hairbrushes.

Just last Saturday after a nice afternoon nap, I set up the videos to play on our TV and waited for Cora to finish dressing and to come join me in our living room.  When I heard her come down the stairs I started the video.  'What's This?' she asked as she sat down next to me.  I just ignored her question and watched her reaction.  I have always know that I am a 'visual' being and love images of things that touch my erotic side and arouse me.  I think that most men are known for that aspect of themselves but it has been my experience that women are affected less by visual stimulation.  I am beginning to realize that may not be the case.  At least with Cora, the visual stimulation works.  And works very well.

After a couple of videos (about 3 or 4 minutes long each), I mentioned to her that she mentioned earlier in the day that I would 'pay' for one of my actions and wondered if she was ready to collect.  I found myself immediately placed over her lap on our couch, my bottom bared and ready to accept the consequences of my mis-behavior (minor as it was).  Cora didn't even start with a hand-spanking warm-up but started with her favorite Ebony Hairbrush.  Of course it hurt but I now know why I like it so much.  She proceeded to spank me 'good and hard' and sometimes traded off her Ebony instrument of Ass Destruction with her OTK spanking paddle.  Its fun to feel the difference but the result is that I ended up with a well spanked bottom.  As I am writing this, a day later, I am still feeling a 'tingle'.  Its fantastic.
So, for you men who read this and have been having difficulty getting our Lady to blister your bottom to your desires, I'd highly suggest that you check out Ms. Francy's books.  With the demise of the Disciplinary Wives's Club they provide a great alternative.  In fact I think that in many ways they may actually be better.


Njspank said...

Cora you are so beautiful, especially with a brush in your hand and Ken over your lap.....just lovely, dam you are the best and prettiest lap!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Good to hear you are back on track, after devoting months to Christmas lighting. I could not go that long without a spanking. Perhaps next year Cora could spank you to some of music you play with the lights? There was a really upbeat one as I recall.

Anonymous said...

Ken, congratulations to you and Cora!
I like the Bottoms-Burn spanking.

Baxter said...

Great advice. I do try to get my wife to spank harder but she also backs off. I am going to look for those books and see if R will read them. I agree that I have a need to be dealt with and the harder the spanking the better,for all concerned. Thanks Ken and Cora.

spankedbywife said...

We certainly appreciate all your comments.
Baxter: Contact us direct and I'll pass on some information that might help in getting 'R' to read the books.

Anonymous said...

Hard spanking, yes, however I also think it is important how it is built up.
Hard from the start on an ice cold bottom races up the pain level like a Ferrari and will result in a wild wiggle and kind of wrestle contest which is absolutely not desirable.
We all have a tolerance limit and when that limit is exceeded too quickly, self control of the spankee becomes very hard to accomplish.
We all know the warming up but there is also when the initial applied slaps are hard, however the rhythm is slowed down a bit, so the pain level goes up more gradually.
I still think spanking is in a way : playing with 'pain tolerance limit'.