September 3, 2014

Cora's New Spanking Chair

In our last post we mentioned that we had been feeling the heat.  Well, today we found out that July & August, 2014 were the hottest on record for Seattle.  Yes, we here in the Pacific Northwest are weenies when it comes to hot weather but Cora and I are both relieved that the weather is changing to its fall orientation.  Whew!

I had planned a post about Cora's new Spanking Chair several weeks ago.  In fact there are several things I'll be posting that have been swirling around in the notebook of my mind.

It was a post on April 8 that we described a new chair that we expected Cora would use for the purpose of spanking me.  We even described how she sat down in the chair in the store and took me over lap to determine if she would like the chair.  She did and we brought it home.  Its taller than a normal chair which we thought would make an OTK spanking a little more interesting.  The chair was featured in several posts subsequent to the April 8 post.

However, after getting used to the new chair, Cora and I both came to the conclusion that its just a bit too tall and a bit uncomfortable.  So off we went to the same store.  We found a really elegant teak wood chair that was not as tall.  Again, over Cora's lap I went and she really liked the position.  How we didn't get caught in that position (twice), I don't know.  However there was something titillating about the possibility of getting caught.  Sort of like having sex in a public place.  (You have tried that, haven't you?)
 Anyway, we took the chair home and Cora put it to use.  She really likes it, not only for a classic Over-The-Knee spanking and like the previous Spanking Chair, it has a gentle curve that accommodates Cora's own curves.  And it looks really nice in our living room.  Oh, and our first 'Spanking Chair' still holds a place of honor sitting just below Cora's rack and is certainly available for 'action' if needed.  I think Cora loves having the choice.

Cora's New Spanking Chair
Nice Curve, Don't You Think?

So I have been intending to get some pictures of Cora's new chair to share with you.  The summer 'drought' has delayed my intent but today Cora dressed in some rather tight light-colored jeans.  I think she looks just plain hot in them.  So when we got home from our shopping, I grabbed my camera and set up her new chair.  I've included just a few of them here.

Cora in Her New Chair Getting Her Ebony Hairbrush
Ready For Some Action

Turns out after the photos we were both 'inspired'.  So Cora sat down and over her lap I went. Totally spontaneous!  And presenting my bare bottom to Cora for her to spank, sparked my submissive, erotic feelings.  I knew that soon, my upturned bottom would experience spontaneous combustion from Cora's Ebony Hairbrush and the heat of the summer would be replaced by the heat in my soon-to-be-spanked hindquarters.
Cora's Lap, Her Chair and Her Ebony Hairbrush

The spanking only lasted a minute or so but it was great to get back into the saddle.  So to speak!  As I am composing this post I'm still feeling the sting.  Its a nice reminder that I have just been spanked, something I have missed.  I'm guessing there will be much more to come.
"Over My Lap, NOW!"

And Ms. O, you needn't worry about me getting regular discipline sessions but we do appreciate your suggestions and hope you will continue to add your wise comments.  Cora has promised that they will resume.  Perhaps not as intense as the ones you deliver but I know she will keep me reminded of my place.


Anonymous said...

Your new "spanking" chair looks nice. A front angle looks like you will be positioned very nice OTK. Maybe it will lead to more spanking for you. One question would the chair work for you to bend over so she can use a longer implement on your bottom?

Baxter said...

The chair looks great. And Cora looks great in tight jeans, I will agree. I think a picture of you OTK with Cora laying into you would be appropriate. Happy spanking.

Respecting Mistress said...

If the seat is as comfortable as you say it could mean that Cora will spend a lot more time sitting there, which in turn means you might be spending a lot more timer over her lap. And that ebony hairbrush looks a bit fearsome - especially in Cora's well practiced hands! Enjoy. And yes, Cora looks great in tight jeans!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

Nice spanking chair, and lovely spanker. Hope it is getting well used by Cora for its intended purpose!

My wife and I just returned from a trip to the beach to celebrate our 50+ year anniversary. Fun activities, which included a total of six erotic spankings in two days!! ... all administered by my still lovely wife. Wow!! Double wow!! My bottom still tingled for a day after after the last spanking, reminding me of my love for my wife.

All spankings were administered in our hotel room, with me in the prone position on our bed. No spanking chair needed! During one spanking, the cleaning lady, in the hall outside our door, placed a note under the door explaining that she had skipped our room because the door showed a do-not-disturb sign, and she found the door "double locked." Whether she heard something through the door, I don't know, nor do I care.

An absolutely delightful way to celebrate this milestone event!


Anonymous said...

Greetings to the Lady Cora and her sub,
I would have replied earlier, but I've been on holiday with my sub, and I deliberately didn't take a lap top, tablet or I- phone. Just a cane, my leather soled slippers, a butt plug and my strap-on. So determined was I to have a relaxing stress free time disciplining my sub that I even left the key to his cock lock at home too! Anyway, to my point of answering this blog.
Congratulations, Lady C! I'm so glad that the purchase of your new chair inspired you to an unplanned spanking session. I see he admits to still feeling the effects as he wrote his blog. May I suggest that for the next time you feel like administering an unplanned spanking, you ensure that he is far too sore to sit down for the rest of the day and that he has to write his blog standing up?
Is it only the hairbrush you use on him? If so, I can recommend that when you feel that he's had enough of the back of your brush, turn it over and give his arse a good rubbing with the brush itself. My own sub hates it when I do this to him as it requires very little effort for a maximum pain return! When I am in a particularly sadistic mood, I sometimes give his balls a good "brushing" too! You should hear him squeal when that is being done! It usually ends up with me having to gag him so that I don't have to listen to his pathetic whining. Give it a go, my Lady, and then make him describe the sensation to the avid readers of your Fem-Dom antics!
The usual hugs, licks and kisses to you from
PS. I am very taken with the images of your denim clad bottom! I wouldn't mind getting my face in between your delicious cheeks!