November 8, 2014

Bared and OTK

Its been a while since I have been spanked.  You probably knew that from the lack of posts.  Well, there just hasn't been much to write about.

Not that I haven't earned one or two (or three or four!).  Besides those I have probably earned, I haven't even been subject to maintenance spankings.

So I have relied on being spanked vicariously.  Through the hundreds (make that thousands) of images on Tumblr and reading a story or two.

Our previous post centered around a woman's lap and how there are differences of opinion on how she should prepare her lap.  Well, I guess I have focused on the 'next' step: over that lap just before the spanking begins.  Bared, of course.

Being told that you are going to be spanked usually brings on feelings of denial, fright and flight.  However I know that it will be inevitable that I will submit to her spanking.  I think the key word is 'submit'.

After responding to her call to come to her side, she either takes charge to bare her intended target, or makes me prepare myself.  This is followed by the bending over her lap and her adjusting my position to her liking.

Its at this time that I am most aware of my erotic feelings of submission to her.  I have given up all attempts to thwart my punishment and have accepted her (natural) authority.  I am ready for her to begin.  I have submitted totally.
Let the Bottom Roasting Begin!


Anonymous said...

At times we too have had dry spells but mostly there is a weekly spanking if not more. I love the last picture Lady Cora sure had your bottom a nice color. Just the other day I was told to get naked and lay out her implements. First it was OTK with her hand and the wooden spoon as she spread my cheeks and spanked between them. then it was over the sofa back rest for the whip. As she applied it she told me she has to remember to use it more as she loves the lines it leaves, then it was on to the bedroom with me laying on the bed receiving the belt and leather strop. Between me hollering, kicking and wiggling my stinging bottom and her telling me how nice I'm responding I'm deep in sub space telling her to spank me more. It was a good spanking and even though there was fear when she told me to get naked I knew I'd submit and let her have her way with me. If I may address Lady Cora for a moment. Ma'am you have to pay more attention to his bottom he needs and wants to be reminded of his place. I know I do.

Baxter said...

I enjoy your blog a lot. Love the facial expressions of Cora as she busies herself in lighting up your bottom. Of course I cannot see my wife's face when she is spanking me, but I would imagine she is just as determined and I enjoy submitting to the spanking.

Anonymous said...

Greetings to the Lady Cora and Her sub,
I find the references to Lady Cora -"she", "her" etc extremely disrespectful. That in my book warrents a severe thrashing. Also, I cannot understand why the sub is not punished on a more regular basis. My own sub is punished EVERY NIGHT before I put him in his box and go to bed myself. I find that regular punishment - I use a variety of implements - keeps his pain tolerance level high and his arse a delightful colour. These are not punishments for misbehaviour, as I do not tolerate misbehaviour. Neither are they maintenance punishments. They are given (and received) because I want to give them. It reminds my sub of who is in charge in my household. It seems to me that such a reminder would be usefully delivered to the Lady Cora's sub. I look forward to reading that he is being punished more regularly, and much more severely.
Hugs, licks and kisses to the Lady Cora from,
Ms Olive XXxxXX

Paddy P said...

I am in my 60's now but still get a buzz of bending over a ladys thy my prolem is findng a lady's thy.
Enjoy what you have to say please kip up

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Ken, for your current dry spell. Whatever happened to "Spanking Wednesdays?"


Njspank said...

Lovely lady and lap you are taken over for a well earned brushing....wonderful

Anonymous said...

I got spanked when I was 12 by my older sister 19 yr D friend Susie. She was 5'10 while I was 5'5. She put her left leg up on a chair and literally lifted me.over her knee and stripped down my bathing suit while.I was helplessly flailing. I was so dominated and struggled to get free.

Anonymous said...

You were probably being a pesky little brother and deserved it. I am a tall woman and I would have taken you over my knee after she was done with you.