December 26, 2014

The Return of Aunt Kay (Disciplinary Wive's Club)

It was almost exactly one year ago that I announced the disappearance of the Disciplinary Wives Club (DWC).  The DWC was perhaps the best known site for information dealing with Female Led Relationships and was always among recommendations when asked, "where can I go to find more information of the FLR lifestyle".  The hostess, Aunt Kay, was famous throughout the community and we all mourned when she disappeared.

Well, its with great pleasure that I share with you that Aunt Kay is back!  It seems as though Aunt Kay lost access to her URL when the holder of her URL disappeared.  Aunt Kay explains the situation in detail on her new site so I won't go into more detail.  I have added a link to her site in our list of 'FLR and Other Related Resources' at the right of our web page and it reflects her new URL.

Our Main Display for 2014

Our Animatronic Snowman, Olaf

As for us, well we are in the middle of our Holiday Light Display season.  I'm afraid that I have gone into what Cora refers to as 'Geek Mode' and have been dedicating most of my time and work resources into this effort.  However its something that we both enjoy and now that its up and running with most of the tweaks completed, we have been enjoying our evenings by chatting with the people who show up in front of our house.

So for a while not much attention given to our FLR activities and I'm sure you may have noticed not much activity here on our blog.  However, we continue to get comments (most recently a couple from yesterday).  Thanks!

And recently, I found myself placed over Ms. Cora's lap for a good bottom burning with her Ebony Hairbrush and her OTK Spanking Paddle.  It was a great way to vent some of the stress built up during the weeks preceding getting things up and running.  And the burn Cora lit in my bottom lasted a few days and was a rather pleasant reminder of the fact that I'm still happily, 'SpankedbymyLady'!

Our Display is scheduled to run through the Sunday after New Years and once things are taken down and put away for the year, we are both looking forward to picking up things where we left off.  And maybe even 'extending' some of our FLR activities.
Preview of Things to Come


Anonymous said...

Greetings and complements of the season to Lady Cora,
How I enjoyed seeing you, my Lady proudly wearing your strap-on! It seems that both you and I enjoy the pleasures of pegging and using our male sluts to demonstrate who really has the power of the cock in our relationship! In my opinion, there is nothing like the feeling of a well spanked male arse, glowing red and nicely warm coming into contact with my thighs as I slam my strap-on into his tight male bum hole! It demonstrates who really has the cock power in our relationship!
I hope that 2015 will see a return to a more regular series of reports by your sub detailing how you retain your hold over him, and keeping his male arse red, warm and sore. The paucity of his reports during the latter part of 2014 deserve a severe thrashing in my view. If you do intend starting the New Year with a thrashing, I would be grateful if you would give him 15 strokes on each buttock from me, to remind him that I enjoy reading about his punishment and his pain, and when these reports cease, I am not a happy Lady!
I send my best wishes to you for 2015, and look forward to reading about your sub being given regular, thorough and severe spankings, followed by rough, deep leggings with your adorable strap-on!
Hugs, licks and kisses from,
Ms Olive

Anonymous said...

Your posts have been missed, but I'm sure Lady Cora has kept your bottom spanked. I love the picture of her wearing a strap on has she used it on you yet? Knowing how she loves to spank you I'm sure she will love the next step in your submission by you spreading your cheeks so she can enter you.

Baxter said...

I have missed your blog and was hoping all was well with you. Welcome back and I hope your New Year includes many trips over Cora's knee as she spanks your bottom thoroughly.


Underling said...

I'd read about Aunt Kay's return elsewhere - that is excellent news, and I'm sure she'll be grateful for bloggers spreading the word so she can get the site back up to speed.

Your light display looks awesome - although I'd like to have seen video of the animatronic snowman ;).

And as for the photos of Lady Cora - I love the determined look on her face in the one in which she's paddling you, and although pegging isn't really my 'thing' I have to confess that the strap-on shot set me all a-tingle!

Njspank said...

I never felt an ebony and seeing you over Cora's knee feeling the ebony, just amazing.