May 19, 2010

Notice of Discipline - Issued - Updated

Yesterday, she issued a Notice of Discipline. I am to be spanked and paddled later today. Of course the anticipation is both dreaded and exciting. I think there are three parts to a spanking:
1). The anticipation after being put on notice. This is one of the things I like about our Notice of Discipline system. Rarely am I spanked spontaneously (although as described previously, I like that too).
2). The physical act of being spanked. Many other men who are spanked by their ladies have eloquently described this in detail. Some love it; some hate it; some both love and hate it. I probably fit into the third group with leanings toward the first group.
3). The afterglow. This is perhaps my favorite part as I usually enter this stage in a state of arousal (or at least the beginnings of it). I especially like it if I can feel the affects of her discipline for the next few days.

My offense this time was for 'panty stealing'. If you have looked closely to our Notice of Discipline form, you may have noticed that this is a permanent part of the form and all she has to do is check the box. In this case she caught me with 4 pair of her panties. The penalty is 25 swats per pair, so she has 'sentenced' me to 100 strokes. She may also assign me the task of hand washing them, too. Note that I am not into wearing her panties (unless its something she wants me to do), and when I can gather enough courage, I intend to describe my reasons, in a post at a later time. Suffice it to say that stealing her panties is one way for me to ask for a spanking without explicitly asking (she knows where I 'hide' them). It may be a matter of semantics but for us, its more fun to have a 'reason' for a spanking. And after my last session with her straps and paddles, I left wanting a bit more.

As I am composing this post I am facing her 'Rack'. It has ten implements hanging from it. I wonder which one (ones) she will use. Perhaps I will get ten strokes from each(?)

So, today I delivered her morning Latte' to her in bed. And a second one too. (I take my espresso coffee making skills rather seriously and, even if I say so myself, make an excellent double shot, Latte'). Perhaps, as in the past she will forget our 'appointment'. Probably not. Either way, the anticipation is both dreadful and exciting.

More to follow.

Update- May 25, 2010
Yes, I did get paddled for my mis-behavior. First, she had me bend over the table then selected her leather paddle from the 'rack'. This is one of her favorites to start with. Next, she selected the strap, another of her favorites. Needless to say, I was getting rather 'lit up' with her favorite leather 'tools'. Then she selected the Spencer Paddle (the one she is holding in the picture just above). She delivered about 25 swats and I was pretty much on fire. Finally, she went for the purpleheart paddle. Oh My! Ouch!


Ron said...

Honestly, wish I was sitting there watching this one. Panty stealing is my favorite and one I almost always engage in with my friends who spank me. It is just so much fun, hurts and huniliates but for that time, I am lost in my own world and the stress relief is impossible to imagine. That is the after glow.

I love to hate spankings. I love to hate pulling on satin or cotton panties and being put over a lap. But man, just fun.

Yes the anticipation is the worst part especially if I have a set appointment with a lap, she will always call me and tell me what I am in for, panties or not, it makes me nuts. And then standing if front of her, wow.

Hope she delivers a good one from the rack and maybe some good OTK action on those panties.

Thanks so much for sharing.


spankedbywife said...

Thanks for the well written comment. I was wondering if anyway saw this post.

Its good to hear from another guy with a panty 'thing'. I believe that a fairly large number of guys share our fascination with our ladies underwear (I also have a fascination for my Lady wearing girdles, as if it didn't show in many of the pix I have included with my posts. - LOL). I think that many of the ladies have some 'fun' with our vulnerabilities.

Your open and honest expression has given me inspiration to explore this aspect further, which I plan to do in a future post.

As an update, the discipline session has been postponed due to unforseen circumstances. Perhaps this is the worst part of our process; the disappointment when a session gets delayed. I will post a report when it finally happens.

Ron said...

Thank you. I was out of my mind wondering how your panty session went, oh well and yes sir the wait is the worst part of it all.

I have for some reason always loved ladies panties, have a stash for play and almost all my sessions are off that scene. I am in a vanilla life right now so I need to explore my scenes with friends.

But yes sir, panties and spankings are very much related in my mind.

For some reason I truly believe spankings hurt more in panties, sure it is in my mind.

The girdle is so cool, it is old school and that is what my spanking scenes are all about, love it. Please share as best you can.

Your lady is beautiful and has a wonderful lap.

Please keep sharing, you make this all so good foe us. You have a wonderful relationship, so enjoy.

Again, hope your up coming session is a good one. Can't wait to hear about it. Picturing it in my mind, works for me and will make the weekend go by.

Have fun and be well.


Ron said...


Just stopped in to see and read if you got your panties warmed yet? Have fun.

Thanks again for sharing.


Ron said...

Now sir that was a true panty warmin. Thanks for sharing.