May 17, 2010

A Spanking Is Far Better Than The Alternative

My Lady and I are movie fans and have recently added TV series' to our collection. For example all of the Twilight Zone series are available in one packaged set. We have also enjoyed some of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents along with some of the Situation Comedies. (One observation is how women used to dress and thanks to the pause button, we have been able to verify the fact that many of the women are wearing girdles as evidenced by the visibility of 'garter bumps'; ahhh the good old days; but I digress).

While watching a few episodes of one the 'SitComs' in our collection, we both made notice of how much better our FLR can be used to resolve misbehaviour on my part, than the alternatives. In one of the episodes, the husband had lunch with an old girlfriend. And kept it a secret from his wife. After the lunch encounter, he took the rest of the day off and spent the afternoon with his wife of 20 years. And had lots of sex. Later his wife commented to her sister that it was perhaps the best sex she had ever had.

Of course the sister knew that the husband had lunch with his old girlfriend earlier that day and to make a long story short, the wife found out. The husband was certainly wrong in having lunch with his old girlfriend, then probably enjoying sex with her vicariously even though he was with his wife. The wife upon finally putting together the whole story stormed out of the house with the intent of making her husband 'pay'.

My Lady and I both were thinking how the misbehavior on the part of the husband would better be handling by a spanking. A very sound spanking. Instead, the wife engaged in tactics that were more in the 'get even' category, with all the opportunities for abusive behavior by the wife towards her husband.

I am thankful that my Lady and I have developed a process where she spanks me anytime she feels that I have crossed her 'lines'. We have agreed in advance that she has permission to spank me for any reason and that I will submit to her, without question. We have even signed a document in support of her authority. Now, I would agree that the husband in the above scenario had committed a terrible act (something that I cannot imagine myself to ever commit), I can only think that if handled with a spanking, it gets handled, its over quickly and forgiveness follows.


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. I think there is peace and tranquility that comes from having clearly established lines of communication in a relationship. Obviously you and yours have this, as well as an established means to deal with issues before they get blown out of proportion or feelings hurt. Kudos to you both!

I also think it's cool that you enjoy watching collections of shows together. Spending time laughing with someone you love.


Anonymous said...

Going out to lunch with an old girlfriend, when you have a new girlfriend who spanks you: not a good idea, I can assure you.

Public lunch, nothing at all happened with the old GF--but let me assure you that GFs do not like you to have lunch with old GFs.


Ron said...

You have a great deal with your lady, I wish I could find that but there are friends I visit to help me thru but yes a sound and good spanking beats the alternative, it is just that my relationship does not share that thought. But great blog, makes it all good.

Enjoy an amazing lap!


spankedbywife said...

Thanks for the comments. I have found out how important they are to bloggers. I would encourage those who read the blogs to not hesitate to comment.

Serving B-
Thanks for the kind words. Being in a FLR where she has the pre-approved authority to spank me is a joy. Its the icing on the cake of our relationship where we have so many other things that we like to do together. Now that I am retired, I am lucky enough to spend 24/7 with her. I was dreading this when I was with my eX but now... well let me just say that I thank the Goddess for what has come my way.

I thought the way the scenario was presented on the SitCom was excellent, as you have noted so well.

As I have communicated with many other guys, its very sad to hear how many wives (or significant others) choose not to participate in their desires to be under their discipline. I truly believe if there was a way to communicate to them how important it is to us, they would gladly participate; and probably discover there are wonderful benefits to them as a result.

At one time I found it necessary to get some these needs met on the outside, but now, I love it when I can cuddle up with my Lady after we have retired for the nite ... with the my bottom still burning from the affects of her discipline. A very sound sleep follows!


Ron said...


Thanks for the words and wow, very nice comments.

I am trying now, as we approach an empty nest, next few years I am slowly trying again and a recent trip had her being slightly responsive as I gave her a very slow and soft spanking, she responded. We talked about it the next day while hanging out. So let's hope but for now the yelling and usual reactions permeate my life, oh well. Someday.

Thanks and that was a hot response.

Be well


azjj said...

When I do something wrong my wife will bawl me out for 15 or 20 minutes. I am considering asking her for a spanking if it would mean that I wouldn't have to endure her verbal punishment.

spankedbywife said...

I would much prefer the spanking to the verbal punishment (although I am usually scolded with being spanked). However, the real benefit is that once she has completed the spanking, the incident is truly behind us and there is no further resentment from her (and all the baggage that goes with it for who knows how long). It really does work.