January 3, 2011

Birthday Spanking???

By now we hope everyone has survived the holidays and are having a great beginning to 2011.  In addition to celebration the new year on January 1, I also celebrate my birthday.

One would think that we would utilize the traditional 'birthday spanking'.  In fact its been a while since Cora has used the tools off her rack, so I was actually looking forward to the event.

However, we were hosting Cora's grandkids over New Year's eve and it was after 3PM on New Year's day when they departed for their home.  Now, Cora really puts alot of her energy into her grandkids and often is left drained when their visit is over.  New Year's day was no exception and the promised birthday spanking was 'postponed'.

Last night I was chatting with one of the men who I have gotten to know through my interest in spanking.  Turns out we have some other interests in common, too.  Well, one of the first things he asked was 'Standing or sitting'.  In a previous chat with him, I shared my expectations for a birthday spanking from Cora and he was curious as to how it went.  Naturally my response was 'sitting'.

Later last night, as Cora and I were enjoying each other's company, I shared some of the topics of my chat.  Including the comment about 'sitting'.  She indicated that my birthday spanking would still happen.

It was at that time that a comment slipped out of my mouth: "But its not the same when its not on my birthday!"  Oops!  I guess my cheeky comment had unleashed something in her.

I then found myself being grabbed and led into the kitchen area.  I was then bent over the table and could sense that Cora was grabbing one of her tools from her rack.  The impact of her first stroke told me that this was going to be a serious punishment spanking.  I held on for further strokes and reminded myself to breathe.

Cora continued to punish me with two or three of her paddles and straps.  And this was indeed a punishment spanking.  She then, rather unceremoniously removed the pants I was wearing leaving me bare bottomed and feeling very exposed.  She then continued picking out several of her tools and applied them to my bottom, quite hard.

Cora and I use 'safe words', specifically the red-yellow-green system.  We feel that this is a good thing and provides for the handling of emergencies.  You never know when a muscle might cramp up when being bent over, or something of that nature.  Now, I can't remember ever invoking a safe word, not even 'yellow'.  However, I have sensed that Cora will ease up a bit if I begin to vocalize my reaction to her spankings.  But not this time.  Even though I was ouching and ooo-ing, she kept up the intensity.  The last implement she chose was the Nu-West Spencer paddle.  Its the one Cora is using in this picture from a previous spanking.  It has the largest surface area of any of our paddles and with the holes drilled into it, can really land a hard impact on a naughty bottom.  Cora really layed it on me with her Spencer Paddle; perhaps the hardest strokes she has ever delivered. 

After the spanking, and after I had time to catch my breath, we talked about what happened.  She shared with me that she really felt good about spanking me for my comment and it had resulted in the release of much stress (and probably a little bit of anger).  I told her that I knew I had deserved the paddling, that I had spoken out of turn and probably needed to be held accountable for it.  And I also pointed out how satisfying it was to be 'properly spanked'.  I also mentioned that I had not used any of our safe words. 

I think that one of the Ladies who had contributed to the forum at the Disciplinary Wives Club had quoted Aunt Kay as saying 'a spanking is supposed to hurt'.  I couldn't agree more.  I still don't fully understand the dynamics of my own fascination for being spanked, but I do know that I have a desire and need to be spanked.  And this time, Cora did provide a 'proper punishment spanking'.

Cora and I have been in a relationship for over five years, now.  And it seems like it just gets better and better.  And we seem to fall more and more in love with each other.  Especially when we are able to so openly discuss our feelings with each other.  The discussion left both of us aglow (OK, there was another part of me that was glowing, too).

Oh, and Cora has informed me that I still have a birthday spanking coming!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you put your foot in your mouth this time Ken. LOL
As we both know very well, it's not good to0 comment about different things with our wives.
I found myself over my wife's lap about 5 minutes to 12 on the 31st, and she saw to it that I started the New Year off really good. She finished a little after midnight.
I guess we're both lucky men to have these ladies in our lives.

Happy New Year to you and Cora.

widgets said...

Happy New Year Cora and ken:
I am a 31ster and got my spanking in the morning for my birthday and in the evening as the ball dropped my trousers and panties dropped for my New Year Spanking and late in the evening again for the hockey game i received a spanking based on the score and shots on goal. Rachel excused us from our daughter and took me to the bedroom where i was launched into a hot caboose orbit. Be thankful Core cares.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you still have your birthday spanking to look forward to. You are indeed a lucky man.

Anonymous said...

Ken and Cora,

I really enjoy reading about your relationship. I think you're both very lucky, and inspiring.


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! What anniversary of your 39th birthday was it? Glad you got thrashed (way to go, Cora!) and hope you learned a very important lesson. :)

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I am happy for you that you got the paddling you wanted. I just don't understand how what you said could be viewed as cheeky.

It was at that time that a comment slipped out of my mouth: "But its not the same when its not on my birthday!"

That would be just be conversation around here.

Dana said...

Happy Birthday Ken.Men like us are indeed lucky to have wonderful strong smart women to keep us in line. Isn't it amazing how quickly things can turn? I know for me, one minute we are having a conversation and the next I am sans pants getting some intense attention on my "target".I have always loved the playful sexy spankings, but wow, I think all of us also experience some serious punishment spankings. It would be fun to have all of us couples meet for dinner, I suspect more than one of us guys would not be able to sit. Again, Happy Birthday.

Ron said...


Am back, house emtptied.

Hope you two are well and thanks for a really nice story and a hot one as well. Ah well spanked, go figure, great post.

All is well and can't wait to read about your birthday spanking.

I have four spanking forms waiting for me, ouch!!

Best wishes,


spankedbywife said...

To all, thanks for the comments. We really appreciate the feedback and its part of what drives us to keep posting.

James: Yes, we are, indeed very lucky men to have Ladies in our lives who spank us.

AJ - Interesting that we have birthdays only a day apart (but a year apart, too!). Love the stories about you New Year's eve spanking and also the hockey related spanking. Great ideas! Ms. Rachel is obviously a very creative woman.

Burl- Always great to hear from you, and yes, I am a very lucky guy.

Michael - Thanks for the kind words. Its definitely an honor to be called 'inspiring'.

Serving B - I gave up on 39th birthdays. I used to convert then to hexadecimal. I guess that would make this on my 3F th birthday. Funny, but its the hexadecimal version of '39'. LOL

Bogey- Here, getting a spanking from Cora is totally her decision. But, I am not really complaining!

Dana - Yes, we are lucky men and I love the reference to our 'playful' spankings. Thats essentially what this one was. And we would be open to dinner anytime. And even if we ended up not being able to sit, I think we would be very happy.

Ron - Four forms!!?? Wow. How long do you get to recover between Discipline sessions?