January 18, 2011

Cora, The Principal

Yesterday, our good friends, Bogey and Bacall at 'Our Bottoms Burn' published a very interesting post, "Taking a Hit For Charity".  It featured a role playing scenario in a school setting where various women portrayed different roles and could be engaged to spank you.  The idea was that this would be a way to raise funds for charity. As my own beginnings involved my fantasies about being spanked by my female teachers, I found this post to be most titillating.  Their blog is listed to the right and I would suggest a visit.

Well, we were honored when we were asked if they could use Cora to portray the Principal.  Their post also includes many other familiar woman who spank.  Of course, my mind went into fantasy mode when viewing all these images.

So, its no accident that I thought more of Cora in the role of Principal.  Here is what might happen if you were sent to her office to be disciplined:

She would start by giving you a stern lecture.

Next she would take you over her knee for a session with her hairbrush.  Of course, she would first hike up her skirt to minimize the wrinkling.

If your behavior warranted it,
perhaps you might get paddled.

Do you think she is enjoying paddling you?

Or, she might have you follow her
to her private chambers.

"I caught you following too close!"

"Do I need to double your Paddling?"


"Come Here!"

"... and bend over this stool."

Then after some time in the corner,
she would beckon you...

... over her lap.

And this is the view you have just before
she delivers the final part of your spanking.


Anonymous said...

OK I'm hooked!!!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Great post! I think you have a clean well lighted play room. I love her hose. In the first picture, the wreath behind her makes it look like she has a BIG bow in her hair. Did I say that I love her hose.

Frank said...

Love reading your blog. My wife and I have role played this very scenario and she also packs a big paddle.

mysster said...

Cora is exceptional -- as always!

Anonymous said...

omg... Cora is an amazing principal... the best ever@! :)

FLR-HappyHubby said...

Please keep up the great work.
Your openness is a reminder to us all.

Anonymous said...

From where did you get the classic wooden paddle with holes?

My Ex-girlfriend has the same and I've seen it on many pictures but I never saw where it can be purchased.

Ron said...

Wow, awesome and great post, thanks.

Cora is the most beautiful lap, just beautiful and hot as hell!!

Thanks for sharing an awesome post, pictures and scene



Ron said...

Oh by the way, don't tell the principal I cut class Friday!!!!



spankedbywife said...

Thanks to all for the kind words. This post was especially fun to put together. And again thanks to Bogey and Bacall for their inspirational post on their blog (and yes, Cora is glad that you like her hose!).

Too late! Cora now knows you cut class and will make sure your Home Room Teacher is aware.

That paddle is one of our favorites and has been in my collection for over 20 years. I obtained it from Nu-West/Leda when they were still selling implements. You still see it in many pix and videos on the web. Its made out of 3/8 inch, 7-ply birch plywood. This stock can be obtained from many of the woodworking stores such as WoodCraft who sells on-line. Its 18 inches overall, 4 inches wide and the handle is 8 inches. It could probably be easily duplicated with a minimum of tools. This paddle is the largest one on Cora's Rack but its relatively light (especially compared to the exotic wood paddles). e-Mail me if you want more details.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think getting a severe paddling from "Principal" Cora would be an unforgettable experience.

Try woodrage.com for paddles! I can gauranee for their "ass destruction capability". We recently purchased the 16NH and a mere ten swats from my wife had me well marked and howling. The 20MSP looks more like the one used by Cora. But: caveat emptor!!!