January 13, 2011

Prostate Health

This post will be a bit off topic but I do hope that it connects to some of the readers of this blog.

Disclaimer:  I am not a Medical Professional and the following are mostly opinions expressed by me.  Any medically related issues should be discussed with a physician.

I am a Cancer Survivor.  In late 2002 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  At first it was quite a shock.  I was especially fearful of losing my sexuality, something very important to me.  I am sure that the regular readers of this blog know that.

Once I made it through the 'denial' stage, I started to gather up resources.  I decided that since the diagnosis had been made early, I would take the time to research my options.  The Urologist who provided me with the diagnosis recommended surgical removal.  However, I did not like the odds of losing my sexual abilities and decided to look further.  I investigated external radiation treatment and radioactive seed implantation.

The physician that I consulted with who represented the radioactive seed implantation option, really impressed me.  He spoke of preserving the 'quality of life' aspects along with 'curing' the cancer.  He didn't promise that I would have full sexual function but his attitude towards men's sexual functions eventually led me to choosing this procedure.  I really chose the physician more so than the procedure.  I underwent the procedure in March, 2003.

One of the things he spoke of was of 'sexual exercise'.  He said that the 'use it or loose it' saying is no myth (its one of the reasons that we don't practice 'chastity' in our FLR).  In fact he spoke of the fact that many men experience an erection in the early morning hours which is the bodies' natural exercise regimen.  Happily, it still happens to me!

I hadn't seen the physician who performed the seed implant procedure for a couple of years but have kept annual physical examinations as a priority.  My General Practitioner is a very attractive female and I have found her to be very good at what she does.  With her help I have brought a high blood pressure issue under control and now have great cholesterol numbers.  This was done mostly with 'natural' medications. 

Each year, usually in December, I schedule a 'full' physical.  Of course this includes getting a PSA reading and the 'dreaded' prostate examination.  Now, I have to admit that the prostate examination from her is a much more pleasurable experience than it used to be and its been fun to joke with her about it.  Well, this time, she felt something and suggested I follow up with the specialist who performed my seed implantation.

About a week ago, I saw the specialist.  His examination resulted in noting that what my physician felt was nothing more that the seeds, themselves.  But we did have quite a discussion as a follow up to the procedure which occurred almost eight years ago.  He asked me about my sexual functions and my response was that things were fine and working quite well.  He then went on to speak of the results from other patients and that my outcome was typical of others who had undergone the same procedure.  And he re-emphasized the importance of keeping active.

During my discussion with him, I mentioned that part of my sexual success is due to my wonderful life partner, Cora.  I also mentioned that we have a blog that has been rather successful and gets read by quite a few.  I even shared the fact that it deals with Female Led Relationships.  He then suggested that I tell my story on our blog and offered his permission to name him.  This Good Doctor is Peter D. Grimm, DO and he can be found quickly with an Internet search.  He indicated that he would be happy to discuss these issues with anyone.  In fact he is co-author of a book on Prostate Cancer, 'The Prostate Cancer Treatment Book' and is available from Amazon.

I would also offer myself to anyone facing Prostate issues.  Its good to talk with someone who has 'been there'.  My e-Mail address can be found in the profile which can be found on the blog.


Dana said...

Wow Ken. You were fortunate to have such a great physician. I too am a cancer survivor having had prostate cancer in 2006 at what I thought was a young age-53-however I keep hearing of more cases such as mine. There is still a part of me that regrets that I had complete removal of my prostate. I would have loved to have spoken with your Doctor. My Doctor told me that I was not a good candidate for that. Yes, it has effected me sexually and I hate it. But, I was lucky that they could save some nerves and I can have an erection and with a little help from my chemical friend it is not half bad. The good news is that in my head I have no problem with arousal and I have no more cancer. I lost my father to prostate cancer (he was of the generation that you did not go to the Doctor or ever tell anyone what was going on ) My brother also had it, guess my family had a propensity for that. But what it did for me, I was in a very unhappy 35 year marriage and after my bout with my own mortality, I got out. Life is too short not to be happy and much to my surprise and good fortune I met my soulmate. I love not being the head of the household. She is beautiful and I am so lucky. So, sounds dumb but cancer saved my life. I truly enjoy your blog and admire your relationship. Best to you and your beautiful Cora.

Mitch said...

Thanks for your post, and reminder to all men that this is an important health issue. My father was a prostate cancer survivor, and worked extensively with various support groups for this cause. I have taken the liberty of posting a comment on my blog, and referring people to your site. I hope this helps spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Ken- Thank you for sharing. What a great dr... :)
Best wishes to you, and all sharing this right now.

Ron said...


Awesome post, you and Cora are just amazing. Strange, I am sitting here getting ready to prep for some colon and prostate related tests, hate the prep but love the the drugs!

I lost my Dad to prostate cancer and am always concerned. Thanks for the referral and the doctor, if I needed it I will follow up.

Terrific post my friends, thanks.

Best wishes

andrew said...

Hey Ken Love your blog,

Thank you for bringing up the subject of prostate cancer. My PSA test popped up last September and I just went through six months worrying. But reminded myself that all the men I know who have had PC are still alive!

My doctor, unfortunately male :-. sent me to a urologist, also male, put me on a drug, Avotar, to see if it would shrink my prostate . Last week the PSA test showed 1.6 and I was sent home to celebrate.

Which raises a question.(BTW I commend you for having the guts to tell your doctors about your wife- led relationship) May I ask a question? Did you or your lovely wife Cora ever discuss with your doctors whether spankings can have any effect on the prostate.... cause swelling or worse?. We abstained from discipline for the six months I was on the medication but now that it is behind us, my lovely lady is concerned that her beating might have brought about the prostate enlargement and is reluctant to resume them. The paddles and cane rest unused. I of course, with a six month untouched behind am in greast need of reconnecting with my wife on this plain.

Thanks for any comment you can make


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