October 17, 2011

Lunch at Salty's

October in Seattle often features darkening, cloudy skies often with rain and wind.  However, every so often, the clouds part and the Goddess provides one of those spectacular days that seem so few for this time of year.  Today was one of those days.

So, I told Cora that I would put the battery charger on the Corvette (it doesn't get much use, so the batteries usually need a kick before I can get it started) and take her out to lunch.  Her choice was 'Salty's'.  One of our favorite restaurants is 'Salty's'.  Its close to us and features great food and one of Seattle's most spectacular views.

Cora dressed up for the occasion and wore a nicely tight skirt along with heels.  These are the heels that match the car.  I think the pictures will show what I mean.

Once we arrived, we took a short break and took in the view.  Yes, that's a blue sky and the famous Space Needle in the background.  Yikes, its been almost 50 years since the 1962 World's Fair! 

That's Cora climbing the stairs to the restaurant.  Oh, how I love to follow her up the stairs!

The view from inside the restaurant is just as good as it is from the outside.

So, what does all this have to do with our Female Led Relationship?  Well, not much.  But when we got home, I asked Cora to grab here Purpleheart Paddle and head for our deck for a picture or two. 

After all, don't you think a Woman should be color coordinated?

A little later I couldn't resist.  I have an apron that looks a little like a butler's uniform but its open in the back.  I put it on (and nothing else) and proceeded to make Cora's evening cocktail.  She remarked that she enjoyed her bare bottomed bartender.  Once the drink had been served I grabbed one of her hairbrushes and followed her to the couch.  I had her sit in the middle, handed her the hairbrush and placed myself over her lap.  Keep in mind that my bottom was already bared.

She proceeded to start with a very nice hand spanking followed by a firm spanking from her hairbrush.  Its been a while since Cora has delivered a firm spanking and even longer since she has left blisters.  Well, I am sitting rather uncomfortably while writing this as she did leave me with a blistered and hot bottom. 

I think these are my favorite kinds of spankings.  And I love her very much.


Anonymous said...

Terrific account. Cora looks very nice in U Dub purple with her paddle.


PS Seattle is one of my favorite cities.

bobmski said...

We need a paicture of you in your butler's uni !!!


Dana Kane said...

Love this post, and Cora looks stunning as always.

- Dana Kane

Anonymous said...

OMG! I loved your day trip.. and those pictures of lovely Cora... walking up the steps :) and holding that paddle... you lucky man you!

mysster said...

yes. west seattle. Cora is magnificent.

Anonymous said...

We always enjoy your posts, and I especially like seeing Cora in those black stockings and heels.

Sounds like you guys really had a great time, as it appears you always do.


Hermione said...

What a lovely day you had! I agree, we need to see your uniform.


Njspank said...

Your mutual love is what makes this spanking blog so real for us.

By the way, Dana Kane is just a lovely lap and person.

My love to Cora.