October 25, 2011

Blogs and Bloggers

I have noticed quite a few new blogs appear that address Female Led Relationships.  I have spent a little less time 'on line' in the past few months so have gotten a 'little behind' in my reading.  However, I have found that many others whose blogs I follow, have included many new blogs.  Some are authored by women.  To all these new bloggers I extend a hearty 'Welcome'.  I hope to add a few to our 'list of blogs we follow'.

Sadly, there have been a few blogs that have disappeared.  I understand that there may be legitimate reasons but hope that some of them may re-appear when their Muse returns.  I miss many of them.

Speaking of blogs, I'd like to recommend that you check out James' blog, 'spankedmale'.  James' latests posts includes three videos of him getting spanked by his wife and a friend.  I know how excited I was the night I got spanked by two wonderful Ladies and how many men have this as a fantasy.  Anyway, James has provided videos of the event and placed them on his blog to share with you.

Also, during the summer I experienced problems posting comments on some of the other blogs.  Finally, I found that if I changed the settings on my browser regarding 'Cookies' this problem cleared up.  In my case (Internet Explorer), I went to 'Internet Options' under 'Tools' and clicked on the 'Privacy' tab and lowered the settings.  I plan to raise the settings after posting my comments to protect things as much as possible.  If you have the same problem, hopefully this suggestion will help.

Speaking of comments, I wish to thank all who have left comments.  Joeyred51 made a reference to Cora's paddle with our local University's color (Purple).  I guess they got an effective paddling last week.  Oh well, Seattle is not really that much of a sports town.  Good thing there are so many other things to do here.  Mysster also made a reference to Seattle.  Yep, we love it here.  James (yes, the same one mentioned above) and SometimesSpanked made reference to Cora's attire.  She loves to dress up and often she wears tight girdles underneath her skirts or jeans.  I have mentioned it before, but I love to follow her up the stairs.  And to receive a complement of 'stunning' from such a stunning woman as Dana Kane was an honor.  If you haven't already done so, check out her blog.  She has generously shared many of her videos.

And then there were the comments from bobmski and Hermione asking for pix of me in my butler's uniform apron.  I guess this comes under the heading of  'be careful what you ask for'.  Both Cora and I laughed out loud after reading these comments.  So, we will be working on a photo session which will hopefully fulfill these requests. 

Oh, and speaking of uniforms, this is the Halloween (Samhein) season.  This provides a unique opportunity for the Ladies of a FLR.  There are many costume shops showcasing all kinds of 'costumes'.  However, you have considered forms of 'feminization', you might look at some of the 'French Maid' costumes.  Some are available in 'larger' sizes which will probably fit your men.  Something you could have your guy wear while doing his 'chores'.  Just ask Cora.

This post has been a bit rambling.  So here is a picture from our outing last week of Cora holding her PurpleHeart paddle.  Perhaps she will be inspired to use it when we do our butler uniform photo shoot.

And one for the fans of Cora's stockings.  Here is a pic of her adjusting one of them.  After all, as was said by a woman who used to sell girdles on line, a big part of wearing girdles and stockings is adjusting them.  I heartily agree and as the lyrics from ZZ Top,  'I'm a fool for her stockings, I believe'.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your postings!
Yes, I caught James' post videos... omg, very hot!! :)
And Cora is just awesome.. her face, hair, and yes... clothes and paddle!! Sigh...lucky spanked man, you! :)

Anonymous said...

You may like the blog Disciplined Behavior by Michael M. This is another female led relationship and his posts are excellent.


PS I am flying to Emerald City today for a visit with family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken:

I appreciate the mention, and I'm glad you and all the others enjoyed the videos. Trust me it was our pleasure making them.

I was sore for a couple of days after, but well worth it.

Hope you and Cora keep up with this blog for a long, long time.

Thanks for all your help.


juliesp said...

I was encouraged by your words. I just started spanking my husband recently, and thought I would start a blog after reading yours!

Come visit at http://strictjuliespanks.blogspot.com

Njspank said...

Nice post Ken and thanks for the tips, will check them out.