November 6, 2011

Spankin', er Pushin' Too Hard

I generally don't write about anything not related to our Female Led Relationship and that may explain why we haven't posted as much lately as we used to.  I have been involved in assisting in teaching a class, Cora has been decorating and undecorating for the Holidays and our pups have turned 7, 8 and 9 years old.  (Gosh, it seems like yesterday that Devi and Gypsy were just puppies!)

So it was with a bit of glee that yesterday I heard Cora instruct me "to get upstairs and prepare for a spanking".  Needless to say, I stopped what I was doing and went upstairs and peeled down.  Soon I heard her footsteps up the stairs and down the hall to our bedroom.

Now, if you have followed us for a while, you know that music plays a very important part of our lifestyle.  It was on our second date that while showing Cora my studio, she asked me to "Turn it up!"  That certainly caught my attention.  So, we have this really cool piece of electronic equipment called a 'Squeezebox'.  It allows me to assemble a play list using i-Tunes on our Mac and stream the tunes to the Squeezebox over our wireless network.  The Squeezebox is connected to our main receiver using a digital connection and the resultant music sounds great.

In addition, we have a very low power FM transmitter connected to the receiver and can broadcast the play list to any room in our house that has an FM receiver.  And of course, that includes our bedroom.

So while waiting for Cora, various songs from our 'classic rock' play list are filling the room.  Finally Cora entered and began gathering her hairbrush, ferule, small paddle and SMTR paddle from her bedroom rack, arranging them on the bed for her use.  When she grabs all four items from her rack, I know that she intends to use them all and I realize that I am in for a 'serious' spanking.

Once she had prepared her 'tools' she beckoned me over her lap.  Willingly, over I went and took a deep breath.  She began with a hand spanking.  Now, Cora has gotten quite good at administering a spanking with just her hand.  She can approach the intensity of a hairbrush with the main difference the rather sensual feel of skin on skin, instead of wood on skin.  Overall, its a very nice feeling.

I can't remember which song was playing when Cora first started her spanking of me, but soon the Seed's "Pushin' Too Hard" began to play.  Cora loves to spank along with the rhythm of the song and soon my bottom was being spanked along with the drum beat.  I think she had progressed to her hairbrush by then.

Keep in mind that Cora was spanking me 'Just Because She Wanted To', so we were both in a 'fun' mood.  So, I (being the cheeky one that I am) began to sing along with lyrics "You're Spanking Too Hard".  And there is a chorus in the song that goes, "Too Hard, Too Hard" and of course I took advantage of singing along with that part too.

Soon we were both laughing and giggling as Cora continued the spanking.  However, once the song was over, there wasn't much reason to continue.  By then she had turned my bottom a nice shade of red and instilled that nice, warm, tingly feeling that I 'enjoyed' the rest of the day.


Anonymous said...

Terrific story. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

My wife occasionally enjoys playing a CD of folk music from Provence ("farandoles"), Auvergne ("bourrées") or Brittany that have a rhythmic, steady beat while she spanks me with her favorite paddle, and this adds a jocular twist to the session -not to mention the fact that it provides a sort of "sound camouflage" that can (I hope) fool the neighbors in our apartment building into believing that we are simply indulging in some innocent fun -if perhaps a bit too loud...

Anonymous said...

Love the recounting, thanks!
Yes, big music fan here, too. Have never linked it with my punishment time, though ...hmmm :)
Great pic of determined and lovely! As is the shade of red on your butt!

Got my spanking today... wife worked me over well with stinging swats from our little hand paddle. Ouch! And so nice :)
Keep it up! Your ass, that is! :)

Njspank said...

Well my lovely friends what a great story and such a nice spanking. While we all love to get lost over a loving lap while our bottom burns; it is nice to have some of those fun spankings as well. And being spanked by the beautiful lady in your life, cora, well just a nice story. And a nice brushing.

Be well and thanks

Jonathan said...

Hi Ken and Cora: Just watched Ms. Cora's AWESOME hairbrush video. If she's still seeking applicants for her "comparison test", I'd like to hereby volunteer to be bent over those beautiful gams for a generous sample of each brush. Though I'm sure she's a woman of her word, the twinkle in her eyes gives me pause as to just how "GENTLE" she'll be. In any regard, I'm sure she'll be willing to dole out enough "wallops"for me to make my decision. Regards, jonathan