November 21, 2011

Finding Her Power

There has been quite a bit of 'outside stuff' happening here, lately.  Its kinda personal so I won't go into the details.  I'll just say its been zapping our energy, especially Cora's.

Saturday, I asked Cora to get dressed as I wanted to visit a few stores across the lake in Bellevue.  So it was a surprise when she put on a girdle.  And a ivory colored one at that!  She usually prefers her black girdles but I love the way a lighter color looks on her.  Quite frankly, a lighter color really shows off her curves much better.  It was obvious that Cora was feeling especially powerful, this morning.  Naturally, I began following her around like a puppy while she engaged her dressing routine.

When it came for me to get dressed, Cora beckoned to me, "Now where are those panties?"  What!!!  Cora was going to 'make' me wear her panties?  Its been a while, so it was a very pleasant surprise.  At this point in time Cora was still in her girdle, stockings but had slipped on her heels.  Needless to say, she looked very powerful and I was very 'aroused'.

Cora held up the panties for me to step into.  So, I placed one leg at a time into the appropriate openings.  However, rather than pulling them up, she had me hobble over to the bed, with the panties still at my knees. 

"Bend Over!", she instructed.  Naturally, I complied.  I was wondering where Cora was getting all this energy, but I was not complaining.  Cora pulled her small paddle off the 'bedroom rack'.  She returned and commenced to paddle my bare bottom, panties at my knees. 

It was obvious that Cora was 'into it' as there wasn't really a warm up.  The smacks of her small paddle were echoing through the room as my bottom was feeling a rather intense sting.  She finally stopped and instructed me to finish dressing.

Later as we were putting our pups in their kennels prior to our departure, I was admiring Cora.  She had slipped on a tight pair of jeans.  Now, there is something about the way a woman looks when wearing a girdle.  And Cora in her jeans that day, was no exception.  She just looked hot.

I couldn't resist. The combination of Cora 'feeling her power' along with the curvy image of her got the better of me.  I bent over our kitchen table and Cora figured out what I was asking.  Soon I was feeling the results of about four of her selections from her 'main rack'.  However, I was still feeling like I need just a little more (greedy sub that I am!).

I grabbed the Spencer from the rack and asked Cora for 'a little more'.  Of course, she happily complied.  Soon I heard that characteristic whistle that only the Spencer paddle makes when its swung with enough vigor.  "Splat"  The paddle landed and I felt the result of the impact.  To quote the song, "It hurts so good!"

It was after only one or two swats that Cora re-positioned herself a little more to her left.  This resulted in a better view of her.  Prior to her moving, I couldn't see much of her, but now I had a wonderful view of the seat of her jeans.  I guess I don't have to say much about the way she fills out her jeans but the view just added to the 'pleasure' of the spanking. 

Finally after about 25 swats or so of the Spencer, she let me up.  Wow, I felt it all day long.

So, we ventured out and about on the 'East Side'.  We visited train shops, electronic shops and I even suggested to Cora, "Do you want to check out tight riding pants at that Tack Shop?" 

"Sure", she replied.

But then, that's another story.


Anonymous said...

Great story Ken:

You had me laughing at your plight, even though it was self induced.

Always lucky for us when our Ladies indulge us, isn't it??

Nice to see you both enjoyed yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Great story. Thanks for sharing.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Hope the "outside stuff" goes away soon.

Nothing like a fun paddling to get the day started.

Njspank said...

You two are just so hot and sexy. At the risk of being rude, your lap has one wonderful bottom!!

Ah panty spankings, the best.

Great hot story, thanks

Best and happy thanksgiving


Underling said...

Yep, there's nothing quite like a well-fitting pair of jeans. And with a picture of a paddle being slapped on a palm as well - this started my day in just the right way. Thanks, Ken and Cora!

Anonymous said...

Just ... wow. As a panty-wearer, I love the visual of your day. And hobbling, with panties at knees and getting nailed that way, sounds lovely. Except for the (excess) pain part, lol! :)
Cora looks so beautiful and powerful in those pictures. I'd have to worship that lovely rear end!
Thanks, and happy holiday!

spankedbywife said...

Thanks to all for the wonderful comments. We do thrive on them.

Perhaps an inspiration for one of your great pictures. You could even animate the slapping of the hairbrush on Her palm. Glad we made your day!

Not to worry. Cora's lovely Derriere gets plenty of 'worship!