November 29, 2011

The Rest of the Story

... Or How to Have Fun With the Sales Staff at the Tack Shop

In a previous post a week ago, we described our preparations for going 'out and about' and the spanking fun we had while getting dressed.  We ventured out and crossed Lake Washington on one of our very rare sunny Northwest days in November.  The view of the lake, Mt. Rainier and the Cascades was awesome, perhaps only overshadowed by glimpses of Cora wearing a tight pair of jeans.

We made our first stop, then headed for our second destination.  However, the route took us by a store I have been wanting to take Cora to for some time: a Tack shop.  I asked her if she wanted to stop and she replied, "Sure".

Now to bring you up to date, Cora was quite the HorseWoman while growing up.  She lived in the Northwest Illinois countryside and there were several stables in the area, some of which raised thoroughbred horses.  Cora became acquainted with these stables and quickly gained the trust of the owners.  Often Cora would exercise some of the horses by taking them for rides in the countryside.  As you can imagine, Cora specialized in some of the more 'troublesome' members of the stables and found that she could 'tame' them rather effectively, a trait she still possesses in dealing with our pups (oh, and I guess you could include me, also!).  She definitely has earned the title, "HorseWhisperer".  She often reminisces about that time in her life with a great deal of fondness.  She truly loved her horses.

Cora and 'Bristol Cream' (a Lippizzon) about 1971

Cora still has some of her riding equipment, such as boots, a cute hat, spurs and so on. (She is wearing some of these items in the picture shown above.)  However, one thing she lacked was a good pair of riding pants.  Now, I have seen many fetish sites that feature women wearing tight riding pants, boots and usually shown holding the traditional riding crop.  Its something that is not one of my main fetishes but I do appreciate a shapely woman wearing tight riding pants.

So, into the store we went.  Interestingly most of the sales staff and patrons were female (should that be 'matrons'?).  And while they weren't wearing riding pants, they were wearing very tight jeans.  It was definitely 'eye candy' paradise for me.  And Cora fit right in, wearing a very tight pair of jeans, too.  Oh, and don't forget she was wearing a girdle underneath and if you looked close, you could see evidence of those wonderful 'garter bumps'.

Cora checked out the racks of clothing and soon eliminated all but one or two pair of riding pants.  She gathered up her prizes and asked one of the sales staff where she could try them on.  "Over there", the sales lady pointed.  It took a while for her to squeeze into the first pair of riding pants but she finally appeared to have them checked out. 

"Wow", was my response.  Did she look good, or what.  The smile on the face of the sales lady indicated that she, too thought Cora looked great.  And oh how the garter bumps showed off! 

Feeling somewhat cheeky (after all I was in the presence of a very sexy vision and probably was shifting to the control of my second head), I made a comment in front of the sales lady, "Wow, the garter bumps really show, don't they?".  The sales lady quickly replied, "Oh, don't get naughty!"  Cora's response was one of those 'looks' that women are so good at.  I do think Cora missed an opportunity to issue one of her 'Notices of Discipline' slips but her purse was several feet away in the dressing room.  I can only imagine what the sales lady would have thought if Cora had whipped one out and filled it out in front of her.

OK, I was having some fun with the situation and my comment may have been a little inappropriate, but I just couldn't resist.  Sometimes Cora and I have fun dropping little hints about our lifestyle - nothing blatant, and we do get some knowing smiles from some of the sales people (mostly women), so I am guessing that we are not totally alone with our little 'secrets'. 

Anyway, Cora tried on another pair which she finally selected.  When the sales lady asked, "Will that be all?", I replied, "No", and pulled Cora to another area in the shop.

While I was waiting for Cora to try on her riding pants, I explored the shop and yes, you guessed it - located the riding crops.  We headed over to the rack that included dressage whips and riding crops.  Cora took a look and her first inclination was "I don't need another one".  However, I pointed to one towards the back and in the bottom of the rack.  It was one of those riding crops with the end shaped like a small palm. 

Cora's face lit up.  "Oh, I must have one of those!", she exclaimed.  "Do they have them in black?" 

"Right here", I replied and pulled one out of the rack.  So we headed back to the counter to pay for our new-found treasures.  The sales lady exclaimed, "Oh, one of our 'spankers'", upon seeing our riding crop selection.  Cora and I could only look at each other.  I am guessing that we had been exposed.  I really doubt if anyone uses one of the riding crops with the little palm on the end for their horse.  However, based upon the number of them in the rack, I am guessing they sell quite a few.  And they just can't not know.

I had hoped to get pictures of Cora in her riding pants later that day but we were quite exhausted when we finally finished all of our stops and had returned home.  However, she did agree to a photo session yesterday and some of the results appear on this post.  Don't you think that Cora can be a very effective trainer of horses (of all kinds)?


Our Bottoms Burn said...

The sales lady exclaimed, "Oh, one of our 'spankers'"

Those folks are not stupid, most crops are sold to non-riders.

Next time, check out the quirts and pig slappers.

Hermione said...

That's so funny. We have one of those "spankers" in purple. Quite mild, but stingy.


mysster said...

i've said this many times over. Cora is superb! it's warming to know She lives nearby.

Njspank said...

Very nice story and well Cora is just so beautiful


Respecting Mistress said...

That's a great tale. I would have been bright red - even if nothing had been said! I love that equestrian style - the lovely figure-hugging jodphurs and the way riding boots are cut to fit tight to the calves and high in the sides. So elegant, especially on a woman that is obviously has dominant side. Cora looks sensational in her outfit. How was the crop?