October 6, 2011

The Need for Spanking - The Results

First, I want to thank those who left comments on our previous post.  With a lack of posting for over a month we were afraid that no one would be watching our blog.  Instead, there were 5 who commented within a day.  Thanks James, Dana, JoeyRed, Tom and one anonymous commenter.

Well, usually things don't work out like we expect.  And yesterday morning was no exception.  When Cora came downstairs yesterday morning, she sort of laughed at the strategically located chair with the hairbrush conspicuously placed on the chair back.  Then she announced, "I want my coffee!".

Now, we do live in Seattle and fit right in with the population of coffee drinkers.  And we take our coffee rather seriously.  And when I mention coffee, I should clarify: its really espresso. 

I discovered espresso in the mid 1970's and purchased my first espresso maker in 1977.  Over the years I have worn out several machines and have learned lots of the tricks to make a pretty good espresso along with the variations such as Lattes etc. 

So I abandoned my hopes of Cora taking me over lap and applying the hairbrush and instead became 'Mr. Barista' and began to make her morning espresso concoction.  She likes an unusual combination of equal parts espresso and coffee creamer topped off by whipped cream (the kind that comes from a can).  As I served her, she mentioned that she would take care of me later.

Later in the morning, Cora returned to the kitchen and dragged me over to the table, grabbed her leather paddle, bent me over and delivered about a dozed rather firm swats.  I thought that was it for the day.  NOT!

That afternoon, Cora layed out her 'Bedroom Rack' and beckoned me into the bedroom.  Soon she had me if her favorite position with me bent over her left leg and then placed her right leg over my legs.  Its that position where I wasn't going anywhere.

Cora likes to use a variety of implements when she delivers a spanking.  And this was no different.  She started with her hand, then shifted to her hairbrush, small paddle, the SMTR paddle, and Ferule.  Now, since it has been a while since I had been spanked, my bottom was more sensitive than it usually is when she is spanking me on a regular basis.  So, needless to say she had me lit on fire.  Indeed, after she was done I felt like a well spanked lad.

I thought that that was the end of it.  NOT!  When we retired for the night, Cora asked me to show her my bottom as she indicated she wanted to 'inspect the results'.  Of course, I complied and crawled up onto my knees and turned around so that she could see the results of her previous handiwork.  However, instead of feeling just the cool air of the evening, she landed about a dozen spanks with her hand.  I turned around and viewed a very evil grin on Cora.  I do love her and love her playfulness.


Anonymous said...

It's great the way our Wives always seem to know what we need,and how much we need, Cora's a fine Lady.

I'm sure you enjoyed every spank, and that warm feeling, knowing your Lady had taken good care of you.


Anonymous said...


I love your blog, and hope to find a "Cora" of my own someday. You're a lucky man.


Anonymous said...

My wife spanks me as well; however, I wish it was every day. LOL.

Dana said...

All right!!!! Well done Cora. Ken needed some grounding... But then, us boys will be boys.

Anonymous said...

Great blog

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear Cora is getting back into the *swing* of things.. I'm sure the coffee surely helps!! :)