March 14, 2012

FLR - It Works

Its been rather quiet around here and we have been occupied with quite a few things outside the FLR realm.  However, last night presented an example of our FLR in action.

Cora and I are both rather passionate about cooking.  We both have our own ideas on how things should be done.  And sometimes these ideas provide conflict between us.  Last night that happened.

I won't go into the details, but our discussion started to get a little 'heated'.  I can get rather stubborn and Cora is also one to hold her ground.  All of a sudden I heard her say, "Over to the table and bend over!".

Oh, oh!  It was then that I realized our 'heated' discussion was going to migrate to my posterior.  Realizing that it was time for me to back down, I complied.  Cora grabbed one her paddles off her rack.

I was thinking that her paddles may be just a little too accessible. 

Soon I felt the heat of her paddle.  She spanked rather swiftly and wasn't holding back much.  I felt lucky that she let me keep my pants on.  Soon she let me up.  I thought it was over.  


Cora then decided that the second half would be on the bare.  "Drop 'em", she instructed.  Again, I complied and repositioned myself over the table, presenting my naughty bottom for her to punish. 

And punish, she did.  She had switched to her PurpleHeart paddle.  Now that paddle is rather heavy and packs quite a wallop.  I was soon reminded just how much of a wallop it did pack.  After lighting me on fire, she replaced the paddle on the rack.  However, she did not instruct me to get up and I knew enough to keep in position.  It was my intent to submit to whatever she had decided to deliver.

Cora next reached for her Black Delrin Twisted loop.  This is a rather evil device that the good folks at Cane-iac came up with.  It consists of a quarter inch thick length of round delrin double wrapped into a loop and held by a handle.  It looks 'innocent' enough but if you are ever on the receiving end of one of these things, I can only hope your Lady hold back a bit in sympathy for what it can do to an exposed bottom.

Finally my punishment was over and I apologized.  We finished dinner preparation and I put the Mel Brooks movie, "Spaceballs" on the player to watch.  It was a great mood changer and we both rolled in laughter while watching it.

This morning I asked Cora if she felt better last night after applying a dose of discipline.  She responded that indeed, she did and that once it had been administered all was forgiven.

I love it when things work the way intended!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back Ken, I know what you mean, all seems good when we get the attention we really need. And I know Cora sees to it you stay in line. :)


Anonymous said...


Great post Ken. Cora knows how to show you a good time.\


Dana said...

Ken, I can totally relate. In fact, lately I am spending a lot of time with a sore bottom. But, the rewards are great! Thanks for sharing with us other folks in FLR.

Njspank said...


One thing I love to read on your site is while I am a true otk fan, throughout your blog, you over the table as ordered by the beautiful Cora is just inspiring. Great post and you two again remain just so wonderful for us.


Anonymous said...

TheVBB got a taste of the delron loopy cane from Dana. I have not purchased mine yet but it is defenitly on my list. Have missed your blogs and am glad you are back. Isabella

Anonymous said...

I love the rack and that you keep it out in plain view...wonderful

Red said...

Ken: I totally agree, although happy we do not have that evil last implement. When we first started discipline spankings, they were often. As time proceeded, I became a much more co-operative person, and both of us are extremely happier.

FLR-HappyHubby said...

About every two months my wife finally has enough and takes out her "super spoon" from the drawer. I picked it up at Sears a few years ago and it is very menacing.
Thankfully, this type of spanking, although painful as I'm totally unprepared, is mostly ceremonial to reaffirm her control.
I'll try to get a pic of this spoon for you. -Gary

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I've been away too..
It is great how Cora took control during your little cooking "spat"... all but the spatula! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to become a really big fan of this blog. Well done Ken and Cora. You two seem like an awesome couple and I'm glad things can work out for you two like they have been. Wish you all the best!


Anonymous said...

Great to see Cora's snarling (er, smiling!) face, and her using her talents!
Congrats to you Ken!