February 24, 2012

Two Years -- & Counting

Today marks a milestone for Cora and I - The two year anniversary of our blog. 

Yep, it was two years ago, today that we stuck our toe into the blogger's ocean.  I thought I'd go back and see what I wrote two years ago to kick things off.  Here it is:

     'I am a 62 year old male, newly retired
     and partnered with a wonderful Lady.
     We live in Seattle, WA. Together, we
     have ventured into a 'Female Led
     Relationship'. I am hoping to describe
     our relationship from my own point
     of view and see where this goes
     from there.'

'See where this goes from there'!   It made me laugh at that phrase.  It certainly has gone from there.  Indeed, it has been quite a journey.  But in retrospection, I think the two best things that have come out of our little endeavor has been getting to know some wonderful people in the 'community', and an even stronger relationship with my beloved Cora.  The blog has provided an important conduit for communication between us.

And last night, Cora communicated with me - through an assortment of her paddles.  I so love the way that she no longer hesitates to bend me over the table whenever she things I have crossed some lines of behavior.

So, no pictures of last night's impromptu spanking but I'd thought I post a few pix of my favorite lap in tribute to the reason this blog exists: Cora.


overherlap said...

No wonder you are always needing a spanking Ken, with a lap like that to go over, I bet you are naughty on purpose.... hehehe :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ken and Cora. Ditto Dave's comments. I would be trying all day to earn a spanking.

Thanks for all the excellent posts.


Anonymous said...

I have not neen reading your post very long ( actually any spanking post very long) but the fun, caring relationship that you two have is a joy to read about. I wish you many more years of spankings and blogs. Isabela (The WW that is what Dana calls me )

Vanessa Chaland said...

Congrats on two years of entertaining and enlightening the masses. :)

Hermione said...

Congratulations, Ken and Cora, on your second blogaversary.

I think it's wood for the second.


spankedbywife said...

Thanks to all for your wonderful comments.

Dave- I try to never be naughty but we have developed some 'games' we play that often result in a trip over Cora's lap. Our Notice of Discipline even includes some of them.

joey- It probably wouldn't take all day to earn a spanking from Cora. Probably just a humble request.

Ms. Isabella (aka WW)- I have seen Ms. Dana's references to you and it appears that you are in good company. Welcome to the wonderful world of FLR blogs & we hope you continue to enjoy our blog (and all the other wonderful FLR blogs too).

Vanessa- Wow, 'enlightening'. Now thats a really appreciated comment. And there are plenty out there who probably need lots of enlightening.

Hermione- I am sure Cora will put some good 'wood' to use in celebration of our 'blogaversary' (Cora laughed outloud when she read that).

Njspank said...

Amazing and inspiring lap my friend.


Anonymous said...

Well done; great to have you in the community....wood for the second! Oh i love Hermione, I really do..enjoy!


mysster said...

of course, i've gone back again and again. Cora is electric. that you two have hooked up with other couples also Female-Led is wonderful. i'm happy to live in the same area. keep it up!

Maria said...

Cora, you should keep him in better shape! When men don't watch their tummy in middle age they are at risk for all kinds of horrible things which get in the way of good submission. So make him exercise more and get rid of that spare tire... then you can go on whacking him till you are both 90. ffilicm mona

Anonymous said...

Nice one guys. I too end up being the sore half of a wife led marriage. And the girdles...wow!!

Anonymous said...

My wife once in a while--like once or twice in a yr--paddles my naked butt and does it damn hard---It always been this way as she is of a more religious and moralackground and for certain conduct with my male friends---ofr which she objects on moral and religious grounds I get a bare ass paddling and I never argue---Its a good marriage and shes a great wife --the paddlings have alwayseen a secret