February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day - A Follow Up

I got spanked this morning!

Yesterday's post received several wonderful comments.  One came from Dave, who wondered if Cora would give me a Valentine's Day spanking.  Well, she didn't, but it got me thinking (now, that can be dangerous!).

Over a week ago, Cora issued one of her 'Notices of Discipline' to me.  I had set myself up to get 'caught' on the computer and Cora issued her Notice indicating that I was to be spanked later in the day.  (Don't worry, Cora and I don't keep anything from each other and 'getting caught' is more of a 'game' we play with each other than me doing something against Cora's wishes).

As sometimes happens, the appointed time for my discipline came and went.  Then another day, and another. Isn't it amazing how daily life events get in the way of the more important things?  So, with a little inspiration from Dave I came up with a plan.  I would use the alternative to the Notice of Discipline, the 'Request for Discipline' form.

My plan included the usual making of Cora's morning coffee.  Afterwards, I would hand her the new Request form paper clipped to the original Notice of Discipline.  At the same time I brought in the 5 minute hourglass, her hairbrush and her new Purpleheart 'Bottom Burner' (from Cane-iac).  I had filled out the Request form indicating five minutes of spanking with hand and hairbrush followed by several swats from the Bottom Burner, the number to be determined by Cora.
Cora's New 'Bottom Burner' from Cane-Iac

Sometimes Cora needs a little push and inspiration.  Her first reaction was, "You want me to spank you now?"  I could sense her reluctance, but I was prepared.

I had placed a copy of one of our Disciplinary Wive's Club DVD's in our player.  Cora was sitting on our living room couch and was facing our video display.  This is the same set-up we used in our recent video.  I then set the hourglass, hairbrush and Bottom Burner on a small table in front of Cora.

I had used the DWC video in July of last year and really got my bottom burned as a result.  Watching the video then had really inspired Cora while I was over her lap.  I was feeling the need for another good, hard spanking so put the same video on the player.  It features Ms. Dana Specht lecturing about scolding followed by a demonstration of how she uses her scolding technique while spanking her naughty guy.

So I pressed 'Play' and fast forwarded to the part where Ms. Dana begins her spanking 'demonstration'.  I then placed myself over Cora's lap.  It was still early in the morning, so I was still wearing a robe.  Just a robe.  Cora lifted the robe baring my bottom.  She then proceeded to give me a warm-up spanking with her hand.  She hadn't yet started the timer.

Soon Cora started to get 'into her groove'.  She reached to the table, turned the hour glass over and grabbed her hairbrush.  The first volley from her hairbrush really stung and I concentrated on breathing.  She continued to spank me raising the intensity probably wanting to keep pace with Ms. Specht.  I concentrated on making sure I took deep breaths.

My original plan was for Cora to combine a hand spanking with a hairbrush spanking for the duration of the hourglass.  Well, Cora had other ideas (and after all, who is in charge?).
Cora Using a Non-Verbal Command in Preparation to Using Her New Bottom Burner

After a few concentrated groups of strokes from her hairbrush, I could feel her lean back to the table.  "Oh, oh", I thought, "she is going for the Bottom Burner, already".  Then I felt the first one from it - "Wham".  That little paddle is well named!  "Wham", another then another.  I lost track of what was happening but Cora was changing back and forth between the Bottom Burner and her hairbrush.  In between she would give me a few swats with her hand.

By this time I was 'floating' into that area where the spanking was starting to not hurt.  Well, not hurt as much.  Cora continued to spank me, keeping cadence with Ms. Specht on the video.  And she was switching between the Bottom Burner, hairbrush and her hand.  She even used both the hairbrush and Bottom Burner at the same time.  Ouch!

Cora then laughed out loud and said, "Oh no, the sand has run out on the hourglass".  I had to laugh, too.  We had sort of lost track.  Cora handled this situation by turning the hourglass over again and resumed my spanking.  So, for another five minutes Cora proceeded to deliver a really hard and intense spanking.  Finally the sand ran out (again) at about the same time Ms. Specht was finishing up with her demonstration on the video.  Cora and I dwelled while savoring the afterglow, and finally Cora put her 'tools' back on the table and had me get up. 

We have really enjoyed making videos of our little sessions and plan to make more in the future.  However, there is nothing like a 'formal' spanking without the distraction of having to keep track of white balance, exposure, lighting, camera position and so on.  In this case I just concentrated on Cora and my spanking experience.

So thanks to JoeyRed, 'M' and Hermione for your comments yesterday.  But a special thanks to Dave for your inspiration.  Its been several hours since Cora completed her blistering of my bottom and I am still feeling quite a bit of 'fire' down there.  But there is that wonderful afterglow that results from getting the spanking you need from someone you love.  And who loves you enough to satisfy your needs.


overherlap said...

Cora & Ken,
I am very happy I was able to inspire a good sound spanking for Ken over Cora's knee..... Wish I could have been a fly on the wall :). Hats off to Cora, obviously she responds to Ken's needs very well, I love the way she turned the hour glass over and continued the spanking, and spanked hard enough that Ken will be remembering it for some time to come. You two ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Terrific blog post Cora and Ken. The pictures and account of the spanking are excellent. You are a very lucky guy Ken.

Anonymous said...

I find the Request for Discipline a good idea. Although usually my wife takes the initiative to spank me, whenever I feel the need to get one I just have to ask for one. Especially when feeling a bit stressed or down a good trip over her lap is the best cure. Asking is so much better than bratting or annoying her in order to get it.
Cora & Ken, this is a nice blog. I like it.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

The Request slip and a instructional DVD ensured that you got what you wanted. Asking for it and getting it. woohoo!

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sbo said...

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sbo said...

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