February 10, 2012

Screen Test

Last weekend Cora and I decided to 'experiment' with our new video camera and the accessories we have to go with it.  This new camera (a Canon M-40) is really easy to use.

We set up in our living room area and even used our main TV to 'monitor' what the camera was seeing.  The natural light worked really great and I even had to reduce the exposure just a tad.  Cora sat on our couch and we planned to try some OTK shots.  We shot a total of five 'takes'.  Needless to say, at the end of the fifth take, I was sporting a rather red bottom.  In addition, watching herself spanking me, Cora found that it looked better if she spanked harder.  The 'end' result was that I was left with quite a glow from my stinging bottom.  Oh well, small sacrifice for 'Hollywood North'!

Besides the new camera, I have been learning a new video editor (Apple's Final Cut Express).  And after I had manipulated the video, Cora and I found that we really liked the results.  Cora especially liked the fourth 'take'.

So even though we had no plans to publish it, here it is.  And if you wish to see it in full HD, don't forget to click on the 'HD button' that appears below the video towards the right side.  And if you want to see it in 'full screen', just drop over to 'SpankingTube' which is were the original has been uploaded.


bobmski said...

Your cheeks were looking quite pale, I'm glad lady Cora applied some color, they look much better and healthier now,

Regards to you both.


Dana Kane said...

You two rock my socks! I fully expect you to become the newest spanko superstars.

- Dana

Anonymous said...

Cora and Ken,

Thank you for posting this very fun clip.


Anonymous said...

What a nice spanking you gave him, the good boy spanking, or the "just because" spankings are so much fun to give. Loved the red hand paddle. The VBB s wife

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cora and Ken. Well done video.

overherlap said...

Cora & Ken,
Cora is a wonderful spanking Lady who seems to really enjoy giving Ken a spanking, it is great watching a woman who enjoys giving her man a spanking. That was a very nice good boy spanking, I would have traded places with you in a heartbeat! I would love to see her give you a naughty boy discipline spanking sometime??

Njspank said...

Cora is just a lovely, sexy and efficient spanker, lovely and well done. Ken nice glow my friend.

Just wonderful and as usual inspiring!!


Anonymous said...

Just awesome. How long was that timer Cora turned over?


Anonymous said...

I loved the video. I love to see people have fun giving and receiving spankings. Can't wait to see more from the 2 of you. The wife

Anonymous said...

Great clip. Keep it up!!