February 12, 2012

Video Fun

First, we wish to thank all of you who left comments about our latest video.  I thought I'd express our gratitude in a new post as I never know if anyone goes back to read a 'Comment in response to a Comment'.  The response to the video has been very exciting and we are looking forward to adding more.

Meanwhile, in the process of learning the video editor, I pulled some 'footage' I shot of Cora a while back.  She and I had some fun composing a video from it.  Its just a short one and isn't really related to the FLR relationship but instead shows off Cora's 'glamour modeling' talents.  And, hey, Cora's red dress is so appropriate for the upcoming Valentine's day (don't you think?).

So we hope you can allow us to indulge sharing it with you.  This one is on YouTube.


tommyspt said...

cora is such a sex mature lady. YOu are one lucky dog.

overherlap said...

Very nice Ken, I hope Cora lifts that pretty red dress when she puts you across those lovely thighs :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome Cora, perfect dress for a Valentines Day spanking.

BTW I usually return to a blog to see if there are additional comments.


Njspank said...

Cora, you are amazing and so very sexy but we all know when Ken goes over that incredible lap you are also a stern, loving spanker.

Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Love it, just love it