February 16, 2012

Bare Bottomed Barista

... and perhaps that should be Bare, Red Bottomed Barista.

Dana Kane is a very well disciplinarian and her website is probably on the saved area of most of those who read this blog.  Her blog is referenced on our blog as one of the blogs we follow.  In addition, she has been producing a very good set of F/M spanking videos.

Cora and I have had the honor to occasionally correspond with Ms. Kane.  Among other things she has been most gracious in sharing information on how she has produced her videos and how to get them posted on the net.  We probably wouldn't have been able to figure out how to get ours posted without her help.  Besides being absolutely gorgeous, she is truly a generous and awesome woman.

Ms. Kane occasionally travels to various locations in the USA.  Her blog includes travel information.  So it was no surprise when we found that one of her destinations would be Seattle.  We agreed to meet at some location, perhaps for coffee.


Hey, we live is Seattle.  You know, the headquarters of several world-wide coffee companies.  Seattle has a rich tradition of coffee lovers, partly due to the Scandinavian population in our area.  My own grandparents came from Norway in the early 1900's, met here and married.  I can still remember the importance of coffee in their household.

So, it should be no surprise that we celebrate the coffee traditions, too.  But my own preference is for espresso.  I purchased my first espresso machine in 1977, considerably prior to the coffee craze.  Over the years, I have upgraded and currently own a really nice machine that shares many components with the 'professional' espresso machines.  We grind our own beans on an as needed basis and even purchase our beans direct from a roaster so that we have the freshest beans possible.

Over the years, I have developed my coffee making techniques and have been told that I make a pretty good coffee drink.  I have even had offers of sexual favors for my coffee.  Really!

So, I had a little fun with Ms. Kane.  In letting us know that she had to postpone her trip to Seattle, she asked, "I hope you'll still be in the mood for coffee".  I decided to tease her a little and responded that we are always in the mood for coffee.  Her response was, "Teasing me with the promise of the best coffee in Seattle is just cruel...ha!"

So, I couldn't resist raising the stakes to the next level.  This morning, I decided that I would make one of my 'famous' Mocha's for Cora.  Cora usually has a different concoction but my Mocha's are especially 'pretty'.

So I began making the Mocha.  I decided to 'show off' a little and wore my 'butler apron' while performing my barista duties.  I know most of you would rather see pictures of Cora, but a while back some of you did request to see my 'Butler's Apron'.  I guess that comes under the heading, "be careful what you ask for".
Yep, that's my red bottom still showing the affects of the spanking the previous day from Cora.

So here is the result of this morning's coffee making magick.  Its a Mocha fit for a Goddess, like Cora and Dana.
Dana, This One's For You!


juliesp said...

What a lovely red bottom.
I am sure the coffee tasted much better for it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ken. Dana does have a terrific web site. I am sure you will owe her one of your famous mugs of coffee when she does make it to Seattle.


Hermione said...

That reminds me of one of the Monty Python stage shows that opened with the Python gang lined up, dressed in waiters' outfits including long aprons. At the end of their song they turned and marched off the stage, revealing their bare bottoms.


overherlap said...

Yes Cora did a nice job on your bottom, I hope she keeps it that way :) I see you also did a nice job on the Mocha, a great "thank you" to Cora for the wonderful job she did on your bottom!

Dana Kane said...

Ken and Cora,

I said that I'd read later in the week, but just couldn't resist any longer - you two are hilarious!
Problem is, now you've gotten yourself in a bit of a pickle - because I'm going to expect one of YOUR cups of coffee.

- Dana

Njspank said...

Ken and lady Cora,

Yes Dana is wonderful, caring and a lap to die for!!

So happy you two have so much fun


Anonymous said...

I love that photo of you with a red bottom, Ken. I have to admit I'm a little jealous. Cora does such a great job of discipline

Anonymous said...

I love that photo of you with a bare butt in the kitchen. I'm jealous! Cora does such a great job