April 5, 2012

Role Reversal ...

... Well, sort of.

In January, 2011 we posted 'Cora the Principal'.  This was in response to a post on the 'Our Bottoms Burn' blog and featured role playing with our Ladies playing the role of the Teacher or Principal.  Of course discipline was involved, specifically with the use of a paddle. 

Well, for the past few weeks, Cora and I have swapped these roles.  Cora has been preparing for an examination that would provide certification for something that we do outside our FLR.  I took on the role of 'teacher' and Cora has been my 'student'. 

Of course, no discipline was necessary and Cora is one of my best students.  And I have taught this subject several times over the past year or so.  In fact Cora did so well that she 'aced' her exam.

So we have been rather distracted for a while and not much has transpired with our FLR.  So in honor of Cora's success (and hopefully taking on her role as 'Principal' soon) here are a few re-posts of pix from our January, 2011 post.  After all, Cora's pix are the best part of our blog.


Anonymous said...

Great photos of Lady Cora. Wow. You have a huge arsenal of wooden paddles.

Great post,


Njspank said...

Cora is as beautiful as ever.

Blessed Easter for you two lovely folks.

Anonymous said...

Does "role reversal" ever involve Cora getting spanked?
And, if not, why? I get paddled, whipped, caned or strapped at my wife's discretion -but, once in a while, the tables are turned!


Hermione said...

I couldn't believe the title of your post. Glad you explained what it meant. I couldn't imagine Cora ever being spanked.

Congratulations, Cora, on acing your exam, thanks to Ken's generous assistance.

Hugs to you both,

Anonymous said...

All I can add now is, O how I'd want Cora to "crook" her finger at me!!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

While the chances of it happening are between slim and none, I can imagine Cora's girdled seat feeling a paddle.

Strict Attention said...

Great post, love the pics.


Respecting Mistress said...

Hi Ken, good to hear all is well with you both. Well done to Cora on the exam success. Good post. Love the pics of Cora. Like Hermione, I couldn't imagine Cora being spanked either.