April 25, 2012

OTK - A Picture Story

In our previous blog I described Cora delivering one of our 'Notices of Discipline' and how both Cora and I were in need of a spanking session.  Well, indeed I got the promised spanking.  And Cora let me take lots of pictures.  There were two sessions, one where Cora spanked me over her knee and another where she paddled me.  She even dressed up in a new skirt and blouse. 

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, we decided to tell the story mostly with pictures.  Here is the OTK session with Cora's Hairbrush.

Here is Cora reviewing the 'Notice of Discipline' she issued to me.  That's a pair of her panties in her left hand, that she discovered I had 'stolen'.

Here she is describing my upcoming discipline.

 That's Cora positioning the chair.

I will probably get spanked for posting this picture but I know there are a number of you who will appreciate it.

Getting Comfortable.

"You ..."

"... Come Here!"

Lifting the hem of her skirt.

And Let the Spanking Begin!

Next Post:  The Paddling!


Red said...

wonderful set of pictures, and yes, i believe you will be spanked for that picture you posted... Hope the grumpies are gone.

suffolk89 said...

Thanks you for posting these great pictures. I am sure you just might get spanked for it. I thank you

Anonymous said...

Terrific. The look on Cora's face in each picture is priceless.

Njspank said...

Bravo, Cora is just so beautiful and such a stern spanker, I guess you are lucky she did not put you in those panties first!

Inspiring as always

headtilt said...

Well that's on heck of a big brush!bet it stung like crazy. Hi lady Cora love thelook of your lap! Just not so sure about a trip over it lol keep it up Guys!

steve smith said...

you are such a fortunate man she is sex personified and she spanks as well btw her bum is divine and well worth the risk of snapping that heavenly sight. Thank you both a million million times.
Steve (burning with jealousy)

Anonymous said...

11Can you tell us if Cora has ever put you in panties for a spanking? I think that is totally hot! Why did you take her panties anyway? Were they clean or worn (worn I hope) Cora is so hot. Would love to see a photo of her putting you in panties