April 24, 2012

Spankless in Seattle??

... Well maybe not.

Its been a while.  Just lots of other 'stuff' going on.  And then there was a learning curve when they introduced new blogging editors.  You know, the 'New and Improved' version.

Meanwhile, things have been building up and we both recognize the need for a spanking session. 
Yesterday, Cora delivered a 'Notice of Discipline' notice to me.  The date she indicated for the delivery of her discipline was shown as 'May 1'.  I asked her about this and she said, "Well, isn't that tomorrow?"  "No", I replied, indicating that May 1 was a week away.  "Oh", she replied.  Cora had completely lost a week.

And it seems that she has been more sensitive than usual to my comments.  We enjoy each other's company immensely and sometimes take a little jab at each other, always in the spirit of innocent humor.  However, lately my comments have been taken a little too seriously.

So I think Cora needs a spanking session even more that I do.   It appears she has alot of 'stuff' built up and what better way to release it than to take it out on my bottom with her arsenal of WAD (Weapons of Ass Destruction) hanging on her rack.

I have a feeling that I will get to 'experience' her hairbrush and Spencer Paddle among some of her other WAD's.

So I expect that I will provide a full report tomorrow, probably standing up.  But then I know I need it too.  However, the bottom line is that 'Stressed Cora'...

... will be returned to her usual sweet self.


Anonymous said...

Great post. Cora looks great.


mysster said...

Lady Cora is unique in that She attracts variously: businesslike, loving, angry. Who wouldn't want to respond to Her?

Respecting Mistress said...

Hi Ken, I think you and Cora I must go through the same cycles as us. Apart from the Loopy Johnny punishment I had recently (just posted details) I've not had a proper punishment session for some time, due largely to outside influences. After the LJ session we discussed my recent behaviour and Mistress noted a very disctinct lack of discipline. I said I thought I was way overdue a proper punishment and Mistress agreed that my whole attitude, as well as my attention to her was at all all time low and I needed a good thrashing. She also admitted that she felt a need to punish me too and said that we would resume our maintenance sessions this week. I'll post how we get on. I look forward to hearing how your Notice of Discipline is acted out. Good luck.

Abuelo Morrison said...

Are you wearing a Cortland panty girdle in this image?

Njspank said...

You sir are the luckiest man on the planet, awesome pics.