April 30, 2012

A Picture Story - Part 2

After receiving a sound hairbrush spanking over Ms. Cora's knee I received an application of her Spencer Paddle.  Here is the second part of my spanking, specifically ...

The Paddling!

Here is Cora at her Rack

"I Think I Will Use the Spencer Paddle, Today"

"All Right, Come Here and Bend Over"

"And Let the Paddling Begin"

"Time To Drop Those Pants!"

"I'm Going To Make This One Really Sting!"


One Very Happy Lady


Anonymous said...

Wow. That is a mean looking paddle.

Great photos. Cora once again looks awesome in the pix.



Dana Kane said...

Ken and Cora,
Not only do I love the photos, but Cora and I must have similar shopping tastes, as I have a shirt almost identical to the one she's modeling so beautifully above.
Keep up the fantastici spanking and sharing, you two!

- Dana

Respecting Mistress said...

Ken and Cora. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Cora looks like she was a a determined mood. Lovely outfit too. I've got to agree with joeyred51, that does look a really frighteningly efficient discplinary tool. No wonder the Spencer Paddle is so revered in our circles.

Njspank said...

Lady Cora and that paddle, wow. She is beautiful and what a paddler she is.