April 11, 2012

A Surprise Visit from the Queen

Last saturday night our telephone came to life and rang.  We usually don't get many phone calls, but was very pleasantly surprised to hear the cheerful voice of 'Queen Bee' Debbie on the other end.  She indicated that she was in town and if we would be home if she dropped by.  Of course, we said 'yes'. and soon the doorbell rang.

For those of you who don't know, Queen Bee is the Lady who runs the 'She Makes the Rules' website.  And its something that anyone interested in Female Led Relationships should check out.  Its especially of interest for the women in those relationships.  Queen Bee has taken extraordinary measures to create a space where women feel welcome and comfortable.  And there is a wealth of information regarding our lifestyle.  Our blog has a link to the 'She Makes the Rules' site.
Guys, if you are wanting your Lady to embrace a FLR lifestyle, the SMTR site is something you should consider sharing with your Lady.
We had a terrific visit.  And, Queen Bee had a very special guy with her whom Cora and I got to meet.  He seems like a very awesome guy and he and I had some common interests outside of our love of an FLR.  Queen Bee seemed to be very 'star struck' with him and we could detect a special 'glow' in her.  If you frequent the SMTR site, I think you will hear more of him.

At one time the She Makes the Rules group offered an amazing paddle.  Here is Cora holding hers.  Note the beautiful pattern on it.  I might also add that it packs quite a wallop and definitely will get your attention!


Anonymous said...

That is one scary wooden paddle. You better behave!


Respecting Mistress said...

Hi Ken. Couldn't agree more., She Makes The Rules is an excellent forum/resource. I like the strict policy of women and men only being permitted to view/post in certain areas. It means the discussion is always on topic so there's no adverse spam that creeps into other sites. I used to frequent it a lot for guidance in our early flr days and recently renewed just to catch up with the scene. Queen Bee runs the site so well. Nice paddle by the way!

Njspank said...

Wow, that is an amazing paddle, ouch!

spankedbywife said...

Respecting Mistress-
Well said. Indeed, Queen Bee has kept her site very Female Friendly and goes out of her way to assist anyone interested in the lifestyle.

Joey and Ron -
Yes that is an amazing paddle. And one of Cora's favorites. Its sort of in-between in its size and works well in the OTK position or in the bend over the table position too.