May 25, 2012

Spanked - Again!

Well as you may know from our last post, I got spanked last Sunday.  And I got spanked again, yesterday!

Seems like Tuesday night Cora and I had another episode of miscommunication.  It was getting late and I was getting hungry so I snacked on something I shouldn't have.  The result was an upset stomach, so I hurried off to bed hoping that laying down would relieve things. 

Apparently Cora thought I was storming off in some kind of rage. Bad timing as it was, she had dinner in the completion stages.  And naturally, it was one of her special 'Seafood Linguine' creations which rivals many restaurant menu items.  So its no surprise that she reacted and her anger built up.  Like a volcano!  Again, to make a long story short, when I got up the next morning I found a couple of notes that she had written, that made it apparent that she was not happy with me.

When she got out of bed we were able to talk about things.  I think the result was that once we saw each other's side of the story, we felt better about things but there was still an aire of 'unfinished business' hanging over us.  In a rather thick fog, at that.

So, yesterday morning (Thursday), I mentioned to Cora that I thought there was still 'stuff' going on between us.  And I mentioned to Cora, "You know the best way to resolve things, don't you?"  She nodded and I finished making her morning coffee.

Later in the day I was working on some e-Mails and keeping track of a project I have been working on.  Suddenly, I heard the unmistakable slap of Cora's hairbrush against her palm.  I immediately finished the entry in the spread sheet I was working on and hit 'save'.

When I turned around, there was Cora holding her hairbrush.  But she was all dressed up in her new PantyGirdle, Long line Bra, Stockings and new Strappy High Heels.  I think my jaw must have gone "clunk" when it hit the floor.  She looked awesome, powerful and absolutely gorgeous.

So we retired to the living room couch and Cora prepared her space.  I must say that watching her lean over the couch provided me with a view of her that I 'reacted' to.  And with the erotic thoughts of the way she was dressed mixing with my pending session with her hairbrush just set my mind of fire.  And my bottom was soon to join my mind in the inferno.

I have shared our love of music many times in the past and this time I had previously set our system to play our Led Zeppelin playlist.  And for those of you familiar with them know that John Bonham's drumming style was rather pronounced and Cora just loves to synchronize her hairbrush with John's drumsticks.  I am sure he was smiling down from 'Rock and Roll heaven' knowing that his beat was still an inspiration.

Cora started out with her hairbrush and like my Sunday spanking, was without much of a 'warm up'.  Soon my bottom was on fire and thankfully she switched to just her hand for a while.  She then switched back and 'Ozone Baby' came on the playlist.  It was then that she started applying her hairbrush rather solidly.  For the entire three minutes 36 seconds of that song.

Then 'When the Levy Breaks' came up on the playlist.  If you know this song, John Bonham starts with a rather strong beat that has a particularly nice 'rim shot' on the third beat of four.  I am sure you can picture Cora with her hairbrush cadence:  One - Two - BAM!  Thankfully, there is a 'rest' on the fourth beat. 

Cora continued to keep pace with her hairbrush.  She even filled in the rest with an additional swat quite a few times.  By now I was really feeling it and perhaps in that place that I sometimes go if I have been spanked hard enough: subspace.

When the song concluded, so did Cora.  Later I looked back and found that in addition to the three minutes and 36 seconds of 'Ozone Baby', 'When the Levy Breaks' is listed at 7 minutes 8 seconds.  And that doesn't even include the last part of the song that was playing at the beginning!  So I am guessing that I was spanked for almost 15 minutes.  And Cora didn't take much of any break and kept up the intensity for almost the entire time.  Wow!

After the session we both felt much better.  Alot better!  I think we both felt both at fault and a bit angry with each other.  I real mixture of both being wronged and wrong.  Early this morning I had been wondering to myself if my own sense of being wronged might be eradicated by me getting spanked.  Well, it did.  Getting spanked by Cora again worked wonders.  For both of us.

I have been corresponding with a gentleman about getting his wife to spank him.  He asked a question that made me laugh: 

"Tell me if you don't mind, approximately how long did it take until you felt that Lady Cora was really meeting your need to be spanked". 

My response made him laugh, too:  "She hasn't gotten there, yet".

Well after getting really hard spankings from her last Sunday and again yesterday (Thursday), maybe she has.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Cora. I don't know if I could spank for 15 mn straight without a break. Just what a spanking should do, clear the air and get everything back on track. Isabella

overherlap said...

Don't you just love it when a good sound spanking solves all the conflicts between spanker and spankee? I think Cora understands that also.... good job Cora!


Njspank said...

Cora, my goodness you are just beautiful and thank you for being so inspirational, keep spanking Ken's bottom!!

mysster said...

Cora always takes my breath away

David said...

Happy Spring to you both. It is so great you share so much. Miss Cora is wonderful to and for you.

I sure could use a good spanking. I am a "boss" at my office; yet, I spend time looking at Femdom and spanking sites instead of leading.
So this Seattle man, age 60, needs a thorough spanking and then sent home. -- Dave in Seattle