May 31, 2012


The two previous posts described a situation where Cora spanked me because she thought my behaviour was inappropriate.  In fact in both cases she was a bit angry at me and while I suggest that we need to be careful when spanking while angry, in this case it resulted in Cora letting go and delivering one of her most 'effective' spankings. 

Yes, it was painful for me but then (as is said so many times), a spanking is supposed to hurt if its effective. Last weeks two spankings resulted in both Cora and I in feeling really good about what had happened. Looking back, I know that I crossed lines and deserved 'good, hard spankings'. Cora felt that she had expressed herself in delivering them and that she had provided consequences for my misbehavior. And most importantly the air had been cleared and we both had that magickal opportunity to 'blow off some steam'. 

And speaking of blowing off steam, just last night Cora was getting irritated from something we were watching on TV.  This was totally not something I did.  Really!  However, I soon found myself bent over and Cora applied about two dozen swats from two of her paddles.  Later she shared with me, "I sure felt better after paddling you!"  I have to admit that my part in making her feel better made me feel better too.  Even with a glow in my bottom.  Hey, I have admitted before I like being spanked by Cora.

And today, Cora decided to apply a hook to the table that sits close to where she sits in our living room where we spend much of our time during the day.  She now has one of her hairbrushes within reach for any time she decides she needs it.

With all of the progress Cora was making in taking on her role in our Female Led Relationship, I thought back to the last time Cora had reverted to her 'old ways' of dealing with a misbehaving partner - The (dreaded) Silent Treatment.  I looked back at our blog posts and found the description of that event on July 2, 2010. 

Wow, almost two years ago!  Since then Cora has dealt with my behaviour through our disciplinary process.  She has really stuck with it and has not deviated.  We are most happy with the results and while I sometimes pay the price with a sore bottom for a few days, its so much better than the alternative.

So I couldn't help but reflect even further back in time.  Long ago the idea of being with a partner who wouldn't hesitate to spank me was a total fantasy.  And while previous partners have engaged in my spanking fantasies, no one has fulfilled my desire (need?) to be spanked by a strong, authoritative (and yes, attractive) woman like Ms. Cora. 

And if my most recent spankings are an indicator, it just keeps getting better and better.  Cora seems to be 'holding back' less and less as she realizes that the naughty, male backside can take a very hard spanking. She demonstrated that fact by blistering me twice in a row and only a few days apart.  And for me the cathartic feeling both before, during and after a thorough spanking is almost indescribable.

I think if you asked her, she would tell you that she had no idea what she was getting into when we started our relationship about 5-1/2 years ago.

"You want me to spank you???"

Well now, I think she would also tell you that there is no way she would go back.  She now knows the benefits of being the disciplinarian in our relationship along with the benefits of being with a man who loves to submit to her. 

And what a gift she has given to me:  To love me enough to apply discipline when I want and/or need it.


Anonymous said...

I hate the silent treatment. A good spanking is so much better.

I guess you have had a very red and sore bottom lately. :)


overherlap said...

Spanking is a much better way of controlling friction between two people, than the silent treatment or arguing. What a stress reliever for both spankee, and spanker, and the closeness after is wonderful!


Leslie Jones said...

I apologise for asking this again, but as a woman who enjoys control garments, I enjoy seeing your pictures of Cora in them. I assume that is such a garment that she wears--a pantygirdle--and I was wondering why she wears it. Is it a fetish object for you in that it reminds you of your mother or an aunt who spanked you? Or does Cora like the feel of a control garment (they are becoming popular among women again)?

Njspank said...

Cora in that outfit with those brushes, amazing and inspiring.

spankedbywife said...

Joey, Dave-
We totally agree that a spanking quickly settles any issues between us. Even if I feel that I am right, a spanking from Cora actually makes me feel better because I know it makes her feel better.

We always look forward to your kind words.

Ms. Jones-
I grew up in the 60's and it was a time when most women wore girdles and 'real' stockings. So I am sure that some of my attraction to a woman wearing PantyGirdles, stockings and heels is connected. Also, when I started dating in High School, you could count on my dates wearing them, too. The touch of a well girdled bottom was like electricity running through me.

Cora and I have been together over 5-1/2 years and one of the first things I did (after confessing to her that I like the idea of her spanking me) was to get her into a girdle. One day, early on in our relationship we were shopping at a Sears store. She took a girdle with her into the dressing room and soon, she appeared at the doorway showing off her girdle. My eyes must have popped out of my head. Now Cora has a closet full of them (yesterday we ordered about 4 more for her collection) and often wears them when we go out and about. She loves the feeling of power wearing them gives her.

So to answer your question, its a bit of both: a fetish that was part of my growing-up years and Cora's love of wearing them. We are glad that many of our readers agree that she looks awesome when she wears them and I am a lucky guy being with her.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for writing about your relationship with Cora. You both have turned fantasy into a wonderful reality.


Anonymous said...

Love catching up, and seeing Cora's lovely face (and your red backside, heh)!
It's great that Cora can release some stress and get her wonderful smile back by these sessions!
And, of course, that she is learning how much your little butt can take!

Ronald Williams said...

I love being spanked when I'm good but I really love being spanked when I'm bad. My ideal spanking is one that makes cry and shiver at the same time.