June 13, 2012

Cora's New 'Subtract' Girdle

If you have been reading our blog even for a short time, you know that I have a fascination for women wearing girdles and specifically PantyGirdles.  Its something that was probably caused by my environment while growing up in the late 1950's, and early 1960's.  It was a time when most women wouldn't go 'out and about' without putting one on and most women who worked (like my own mother) wore them daily.  Of course the other part of the equations was the stockings they wore.  This was before the invention of pantyhose and the stockings were attached to the girdles with those delightful garters.  The result was the girdle held up the stockings and the stockings held down the girdle.  Perfect equilibrium!

I can't remember what grade I was in but it must have been about the 6th or 7th grade.  Some group sponsored 'sock hops' at the local community center.  Someone played records (this was before we called them DJ's!) and most of us just lined the dance floor area waiting for someone else to be the  brave souls and get on the floor and actually dance.  So, there was always a group standing one or two deep along the dance floor and if you wanted to move around, you walked behind the group lining the floor.  It was during one of my wanderings that my hand accidentally (well, the first time it really was accidental!) brushed up against the Derriere of one of my female classmates.  My hand literally bounced off the seat of her skirt.  That was the first time I realized that some of the girls in my class were starting to wear girdles.  Oh My!  I still remember that erotic incident as clearly as if it happened yesterday.

Fortunately, it was easy for me to introduce (well, re-introduce actually) Cora to wearing girdles.  She now has quite a closet full of them and many pictures posted here on the blog show her dressed accordingly. 

Both Cora and I are on the lookout for new acquisitions to her Girdle drawer and it seems like they are making a come-back as they seem to show up in catalogs all the time.  The third pic in the previous post and all the pix from the post before that show Cora wearing one of her newest PantyGirdles.  Well, in my own research, I found a site that sells older girdles.  One caught my attention.  Its a Girdle called 'Subtract'.  Its what is known as a Long Legged PantyGirdle (LLPG), and comes with 6 garters to hold up stockings.  I corresponded with the site owner and made arrangements to purchase it.  It would be a surprise for Cora.

Yesterday, the postman handed me a small package and from the return address I knew what it was.  I returned to the house and opened it up.  I then presented the unfolded girdle to Cora.  Of course she smiled and took it from me.  She inspected it and I could tell she was thinking.

Later she tried it on and remarked how comfortable it felt.  I did my own inspection and found it to be quite tight on her.  It definitely reminded me of my grade school classmate and how tight her girdle was on her.

We had plans to do some shopping and much to my surprise and delight, Cora decided to keep wearing her new girdle.  She applied the appropriate stockings.  She decided on some tight light-blue jeans, a white top and white 4 inch heels.  And if you looked close, you could even see the outline of the garters holding up her stockings.  Wow.  I won't hesitate to admit that she had my attention and I was definitely getting aroused.

Its amazing to watch Cora enter a room or store and see that she has captured every one's attention.  This is especially evident when she is wearing her girdles, stockings and heels and yesterday was no different.  Everywhere we went, she was turning heads and people were engaging with her.  When Cora wears girdles, her power level increases several orders of magnitude.  But its not an intimidating kind of power.  Instead its power that seems to magnetically attract people, as if they want to be part of the energy and join in on the 'party'.  I laugh when I remind Cora of how good she feels when she puts on her girdles even though she may be reluctant at first.  Its like this barrier that she has to defeat in order to get to where it feels good.

When we returned home I was promised an opportunity to take some pictures.  We belong to a Yahoo Group that features women wearing girdles.  Its called 'Girdles_and_PantyGirdles' in case you are interested.  In fact Cora may become one of their 'cover girls', something we are very excited about.  The pictures on this post are from the set we took yesterday.

Once the camera was put away, I found myself in a 'mood'.  I asked Cora if she would apply some of her paddles to me.  Happily, she replied, "Of course!  Why don't you bend over the table and I will spank you."  Cora probably used half of her rack on me and I found myself in a very ecstatic place, with endorphins flowing freely (and the evidence still shows this morning).  As Cora was applying various paddles to my backside, I looked back at the Goddess form that was the source of the flames in my rear.  The girdle was sculpting her in curves that was a very erotic image.  And watching her hips move as she was applying her paddles, was like poetry in motion.  She must have been evoking the Goddess, Aphrodite.

It was a very special day for both of us.  One that I think both of us didn't want to end.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

A bit of Lycra can provide many hours of fun.