June 21, 2012

Cora, the Cover Girl

If you have been reading our blog for a while, you know how Cora loves wearing her Girdles and PantyGirdles.  It was me who introduced her to wearing them (re-introduced, actually; she did wear them in her younger years) and she has found wearing them to be quite empowering and had been covered in detail in previous posts.

In addition to this blog, we participate in several Yahoo Groups that cater to those of us who find an attraction to Girdles and PantyGirdles.  In fact the name of the group where we regularly post pictures of Cora modeling her lingerie is called "Girdles_and_PantyGirdles".  In addition to this group there is a back-up group called "Girdles_and_PantyGirdles_More".  The first group has had a designated Cover Girl for quite some time but the Moderator just asked us if Cora would like to be the Cover Girl for the backup group.

Of course, we said, "Yes".  The picture above is the one that they used for her first Cover Girl pose and I assume that others will be cycled at later times.  Needless to say both Cora and I are very excited with this honor.  Naturally we thought we'd share the news with our blog readers as I know there are a number of followers here that find a fascination and attraction to Cora (and other Ladies) wearing her Girdles.

If you would like to explore these Yahoo Groups, the URL's are:

The moderator has requested that if you want to participate, join both groups but limit comments and postings to the main group.  We will continue to post pix of Cora, similar to those included in this post in the main group.


mysster said...

Lady Cora is, as i've always said, magnificent.

Who wouldn't want to be contained by the rhythm of her moving arm, and its calendar of control?


Njspank said...

Cora continues to be just beautiful and harkening back to another post, even sexier than ever with her hairbrush!

Just loveley