June 16, 2012

Can a Woman Have Too Many Hairbrushes

Its a rhetorical question, of course.  Sort of like 'Can a Woman Have Too Many Pairs of Shoes?'  (Thankfully, Cora has lots of shoes, too, especially those sexy high heels.)

And while Cora probably has many more pairs of shoes than hairbrushes, she does have a sufficient quantity of them.  Oh, and I am not speaking of the kind of hairbrushes she uses on her hair.  She has lots of them too, in all kinds of funny shapes and sizes. 

I know you are familiar with 'Cora's Rack' and one of her favorite Nu-West Leda hairbrushes hangs, ready to be called upon when I am in need of her discipline.  Another one hangs on the 'Bedroom Rack' along with a another hairbrush (bathbrush actually) and a recent addition of her white, Bakelite hairbrush, added after the picture below was taken.

Well, lately Cora has taken to spank me with her hairbrush in our living room where she spends much of her day, but a distance away from her racks.  So a spontaneous spanking is less likely.  Or at least was.

I pointed out that there is an identical Nu-West hairbrush somewhere in the house.  Recently Nu-West announced that they had discovered a couple of boxes of hairbrushes in their warehouse and offered them for sale.  I purchased a pair of them as I wanted to have two identical ones on hand in the event that a 'double lap' spanking could be arranged.  You never know when Cora might call upon one of her girlfriends to 'assist'.  So far this has happened once but you never know when the opportunity may present itself.

Cora mentioned that the other hairbrush was in one of her dresser drawers.  She retrieved it and we took it into the living room.  Cora has an end table next to the couch, where she sits.  Naturally its the 'best seat in the house'.  Cora looked at the end table and thought that one of those suction-cup hooks might work to hang the hairbrush from.  So she found one (she keeps all kinds of handy things like that) and applied it to the end table.  It held.  Well, at least for a while.  Soon we found the hairbrush on the floor along with the suction-cup hook.

So, I looked at the end table to see if there were other options.  I wanted to make sure that if Cora wanted to use her hairbrush, it would be handy.

What I found looking at the end table were holes in two of the top corners.  I am guessing they were there to combine the end table with something.  We have had these end tables in our house since Cora moved them from her Condo about 6 years ago and never noticed the holes.

I measured the holes and found them to be about 7/16 inch in diameter.  Key word is 'about'.  They weren't exactly 7/16 inch.  So I thought I could find some 1/2 inch dowel and sand it to fit.

However, Cora has a really good eye for things.  She looked at the hole and exclaimed, "I know what will work". 

Cora keeps a number of those foam paint brushes around the house.  Like the one in the picture above.  She uses them to remove lint and stuff from her clothing.  With three dogs and a cat in the house, we find ourselves dealing with unattached fur all the time.

She found one of these foam paintbrushes that she thought would work, inserted it into the hole and found it to be a perfect fit.  And I do mean perfect.  It was snug enough that it wouldn't fall out, but not so snug that you couldn't remove it.  Cora then immediately snapped off the brush and handed me the handle.  "Here, cut it down to size!", she instructed.

Off to the shop I went.  The hole was about 1 inch deep and she wanted a little more than an inch upon which to hang her hairbrush.  Now, you might remember that I have done woodworking before, making paddles for Cora and her ubiquitous 'Rack'.  So it would be easy to accommodate Cora's wishes.  First I chucked up the handle into my drill press and turned it on.  First I marked off where I wanted to cut it off, a little over 2 inches from the end.  Next I found one of my files and proceeded to cut a notch about 1/4 inch from the end.  The width of the file seemed just right to carve a notch for the leather strap to fit.  Finally, I grabbed one of my small modeling saws (razor saw, to be specific) and while the handle was still rotating in the drill press, made a saw cut at the appropriate location.  It made a nice clean cut.

I returned to the living room, and handed it to Cora.  She looked at the notch and said, "Wow, that will work perfect.  How did you come up with that idea?"  I replied that I just did. 

Cora then inserted the peg into the hole in the end table and hung her hairbrush on it.  That was about a week ago.

Yesterday, Cora and I would out to the Home Improvement store to get some things we needed around the house.  Cora and I sometimes get into little 'jousts' with our words;  all in the spirit of fun.  We also love to have fun with the store clerks and with Cora's personality, often they join in on the fun.

So it was no surprise that a couple of times Cora promised that she would 'deal' with me for making a 'cute' remark.  This happened several times as we were both in good form, both of us making cute remarks.

After we got home and took care of putting things away, as Cora made herself comfortable on the couch, I plopped myself over her lap.  She laughed and reached for her hairbrush.  She was able to reach it easily even though her lap was full of a naughty bottom facing her.  She started right in with her hairbrush.  The spanking lasted for several minutes and I was definitely feeling the heat.  It was delightful!

When she was finished, I asked her if she felt better.  "Much better", she said.  I replied, "Well then I guess your hairbrush hanger is working quite well".

So, I am guessing that scenes like the one above will be happening more often.  That's OK with me.  One of the themes that seems to be running on the Yahoo Group: 'Spanked_by_their_Wives' is that many of the guys are complaining of not getting spanked enough.  I guess I sort of include myself in that group too.  But now, when Cora feels like applying her hairbrush, all she needs to do is tell me,  "Over my Lap!"  Or in case I feel like I am in need of one of her spankings, all I will need to do is plop myself over her lap.  Which now leaves us with the following question:

Can a Guy Have Too Many Spankings???


Respecting Mistress said...

Can Cora have too many hairbrushes. Of course not providing they are all used regularly! Can a guy have too many spankings? How many is too many? With the hairbrush so readily to hand maybe you are gonig to find out. Great post Ken - as ever. And great pic of course!

Anonymous said...

Good post Ken, lol. I know my wife has plenty of any implement laying about the house.

But to answer your question, what is to many, to me one is to many. But we have probably 3 or 4 in the bedroom closet.

And I can feel one at anytime or any place, kinda scary but nice, and I know you know what I mean.


Dana said...

I don't know Ken about how many is too many. I found out this morning that Beautiful Wife has seven hair brushes that are not used for hair purposed. I bet you can guess what use they do have.

Njspank said...

Not Cora, she needs as many as you can find, going over her lovely lap must be heaven and add in a nice brush, the best.


Blazing Bottom said...

My wife and I have a hard time finding hair brushes as nice as Cora's. We are realativly newer at this and building her collection up!

Awesome Blog will definately link it from ours!!!