September 13, 2012

An Open Request to the 'Tumblr' World

Yes, its been a while since we have posted.  Not much spanking going on.  Instead, we have been working on our yard.  Lots of projects to finish before the onset of the rains.  So, since I have been working hard, Cora has not found reasons to administer her 'famous' discipline.  I am sure there will be more to come and things to share in the future.

In the meantime, we have noticed something rather new in the world of the Internet:  Tumblr.  It appears that Tumblr is mostly a picture sharing system and those who have opened sites seem to pass pictures back and forth.  Lots!

Cora and I have been rather proud of the photos we share with you, here on our blog.  In fact most of the photos that appear are ones that have been taken by us. 

Now we are not naive about posting pictures on the Internet.  We know that once something is posted it belongs to the 'Universe'.  So, its no surprise to see our pictures appear in all kinds of places.  In fact, its rather flattering to see our pictures next to some of the more famous dominant women, some of who are true professionals.

Recently, we have been adding 'watermarks' to our pictures.  Not so much to prevent people from posting them, but so that we get the credit for the picture.  We would like you to know the source of our picture if you see it used elsewhere.  And we keep the watermark outside of the main subject area instead of large letters in the middle of the picture, which we find to be irritating.

So its rather disappointing when someone crops out our watermark.  Here is an example of the original picture that has appeared on Tumbler:
This picture goes back to 2009 and was taken with my first serious digital camera and is still one of my favorite pictures of Cora.  We have enhanced the picture to bring out the highlights.  Our watermark is in the lower left corner and I don't believe it detracts from the overall image of Cora holding her hairbrush.

Below is an image I found on a Tumblr site:
As you can see, its been cropped and the watermark no longer appears.  And terrible change in color balance speaks for itself.

Like I mentioned before, we have no expectation of what happens to our pictures once we post them.  But I would ask those who find them interesting enough to re-post to PLEASE leave the watermark in the picture.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Yes, the rains will come to your area in full by November. We also having been putting in new plants. So much fun.

I think if you monitor any one Tumblr site, sooner or later every spanking pix will show up there.

You are kind to put the watermark in a corner. I sometimes put where it can not be cropped.

Njspank said...

Just glad you two are well and happy.

Miss you both but wonderful to hear from you.


Respecting Mistress said...

Hi Ken and Cora. As OBB says, the weather will soon turn and you'll be all cosy inside the house, Cora warming your bot. It is a crazy world, this wide web thing. It's sometimes hard to get one's head around how everything is everybody else's eh? But without it we'd never be able to discuss our fantastic DD lifestyles.