September 30, 2012

Real People

As has been said here before, we really thrive on the comments our readers leave.  This was especially true of the comments left on our last two post, including the extensive and sensitive comments left by Ms. Deirdre, Respecting Mistress and Alan.

Just this morning I found another comment that really touched us that was left by Dana Kane.  In part she said,
"Many of my playmates comment that they love your blog because the two of you are Real People. Thank you for being yourselves."
Real People!  Seeing those words really underlines one of the main reasons we write this blog.  We try to present ourselves as perhaps the couple next door who just happens to practice a Female Led Relationship lifestyle (and all the benefits to both of us it provides). 

So sometimes we have dinner at a local restaurant, attend staff meetings (well, maybe not anymore), take our girls for a walk along a local beach or preparing Cora for a 'I look like my dog' photo contest, we do lots of things that 'ordinary people do.  We just do it in the context of our FLR.

So thanks Ms. Dana.  Your comments really inspired us.  As do the comments from everyone.


Dana Kane said...


Hermione said...

The "I look like my dog" picture is too funny!

I like that you are "real people" too, but then, aren't we all?

The real Hermione

Njspank said...

Ms Dana is right, you two are first off an adorable couple but also serve as inspiration to all many of us out there.

Respecting Mistress said...

I started blogging to connect with other real people who might have similar interests - to be able to interact and exchange ideas and offer views and comments. I feel we're lucky to be able to have that connection with you two - ad like Njspank says, you are both adorable and offer inspiration to us and many others.

spankedboy said...

I have been a long time reader. As you can see from my url, I have a similar lifestyle. It's amazing to see a real life couple sharing their moments like this. Thank you.

Wandlelust said...

It is appreciated, your sharing your blog, and you are a lucky couple to have each other. I would love to be a "cheeky neighbour," who the delightful Cora decides is in need of a little time over her knee! Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

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