May 26, 2014

Notice of Discipline Form and Lots of Contacts

Like many of you, I'm a member of the FetLife site.  And have been for quite a long time.  And naturally I 'subscribe' to several of the FetLife 'groups' that pertain to the FLR lifestyle along with a few that just address women spanking men.  A recent post appeared in the 'F/M Spanking' group indicating that the poster had seen a notice for discipline on a blog.  Naturally I wondered if what the poster was referring to was the one we created several years ago.
The Form that has gotten Lots of men Spanked

So I posted a copy to my profile on FetLife and sure enough, it was the one he was looking for.  So now he has a copy and is looking forward to sharing it with some of his spanking female friends.  He has promised to let me know how things work out using the forms in their 'role play'.  I hope to share some of the results if he grants me permission.

And my offer still stands.  If you read this and would like a copy, you will need to contact me via e-Mail so that I can send you the file.  These forms are in Microsoft Word format and I am unable to post these files here.  But I have sent many copies to those who have requested them.  I haven't kept track but there are probably well over a hundred forms out there in the universe.  You can find our e-Mail address by clicking on my 'profile' icon which appears near the top of our blog in the right column.

And another result of my membership on FetLife is that I have received contacts from several other guys like me who have an interest in Female Led Relationships and getting spanked by the Ladies in our lives.  Most of those making contact are familiar with our blog.  Its been very gratifying to hear from these kindred spirits as making contact with others has been one of the hoped expectations from our blog.

This weekend I have been involved with helping to teach a class.  Its something totally unrelated to our FLR stuff but it was very successful.  So I'm looking forward to spending some quality time over Cora's lap.  Last Wednesday while shopping out and about, we found another stool that will become Cora's new official 'Spanking Chair'.  We found that the first one was a little too tall and both Cora and I found it to not be as comfortable as we wanted.  The new one is shorter and we both really like it.  Its made of solid teak and its just plain 'gorgeous'.  After bringing it home, Cora couldn't resist trying it out.  So once she was sitting on it, I couldn't resist hopping over her lap.  Naturally Cora couldn't resist spanking me with her new Ebony Hairbrush (yes, we have yet another Ebony Hairbrush). This was repeated no less than three addition times on Wednesday and a couple of times on Thursday and Friday.  We plan on doing some photography soon and will be posting about it.  UPDATE: I just now (Monday) got my bottom burned again.  Cora must have delivered a hundred from her Ebony Hairbrush which resulted in quite the reddened bottom.   :-)

Oh, and a while back I wrote a story.  Guess what!  It got published!  Its on 'The Library of Spanking Fiction', my favorite story site (there's a link here on our blog- look on the right side column).  It was published on April 28.  Its titled, "Spats or Sentences" and describes a fantasy I have always had about getting a paddling in fifth grade.  I have no way to go back and change things so I wrote the story.  I also hope to engage Cora in a re-creation of my story where she fills the role of my fifth grade teacher.  I'm betting that she can more that do a good job!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

It just keeps getting better and better for you guys.

Our Bottoms Burn said...
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Jonathan said...

Dear Lady Cora: As I await tomorrows Wednesday Maintenance Spanking, just wanted to thank you for showing ladies the PROPER way to administer an OTK hairbrush spanking to their NAUGHTY man. Your WARDROBE and TECHNIQUE are IMPECCABLE and have GREATLY influenced MY lady. "Spanks" a lot, Jonathan

Respecting Mistress said...

Hi Ken and Cora. Enjoyed your latest update. Amazing isn't it that over a hundred men haver asked for the Notice of Discipline. It's not the sort of thing you'd collect for the sake of it so we can only assume the majority of those men ad disciplined by their wives. Then imagine how many men are disciplined by their wives but don't follow your blog or sign up to Fet Life. Their must be way more men living in female led relationshids that I've ever imagined. Would you agree?

William said...

I'm obliged to enter a note concerning my wife's adoption of administering weekly maintenance spankings. As directed I'm adding that my wife too has a solid ebony hairbrush that she employs with considerably more vigor than Lady Cora apparently does.I've been made to understand as well that my demeanor insofar as subordinate respect and prompt obedience will determine the measure and length of my spanking. William