May 21, 2014

Inspiration & FLR Hero

At least that's what one of our commentors said about Ms. Cora.

Its been a while since our last post.  I've been fighting the affects of a virus since early May and only lately have felt like I'm rid of it.  Yuk!  And there have been some things that I wanted to share with everyone like Cora's new Ebony Hairbrush (yes, yet another and its a doozy!), the story I have published on the Library of Spanking Fiction and a few other things.  I plan to post more about these soon.

However, even though I haven't kept up very well, at least some of you keep reading.  And just this morning my e-Mail in-box treated me with a comment.  It is from 'June' who is the female half of another Female Led Relationship.  It touched both Cora and I.  Here is what she said:

Dear Lady Cora, Loved your recent maintenance spanking videos, especially the closing credits to part one when we can hear the hairbrush being administered while the lovely still picture of you looking TOTALLY IN CONTROL appears on the screen. You are my FLR HERO and as a result, Jonathan now receives weekly Wednesday maintenance hairbrush spankings as well. Thank you for being an INSPIRATION!!! June 

Above is the picture that appears at the end of our video that Ms. June makes reference

I can't express how much June's comments touched us.  Ever since we started this blog, we have hoped to inspire women to take charge of their relationships and to discover the joys and benefits from the application of discipline to the guys in their lives.  It appears that Ms. June has done just that.  Wow!

And since its Wednesday I am way overdue for my own maintenance spanking.  I hope that Ms. June's kind words help inspire Ms. Cora to later take me over her knee and apply her new Ebony Hairbrush to my very needy backside.  I'll be thinking that perhaps Jonathan will be getting the same from Ms. June.

So, Ms. June:  If you read this please let us know more.  We'd love to hear how you found us, how you adopted your Female Led Relationship and how you spank your lucky guy.  Feel free to leave a comment or contact us direct (e-Mail for us is available just by clicking on our profile under 'About Us').


June said...

Dear Ken and Lady Cora: Jonathan did in fact receive a maintenance spanking of 260 of my best with our ebony hairbrush (another inspiration from Lady C.) this morning. He would only have received half that amount as his weekly Wednesday maintenance spanking ( we use the Random Punishment Selector which you also introduced us to to determine the amount), but he was a little sassy to me and my lady friends this week so he got a double dose and some corner time as prescribed by the RPS. Jonathan stumbled upon Lady Cora's "Hairbrush Comparison Test" video a couple of years ago, showed it to me, and the rest is as they say is history. We both love Lady C's style and I try to emulate it in dress, demeanor and spanking intensity as best I can. And although he would never admit it, I suspect that on some Wednesdays, Jonathan might even slightly regret introducing me to Lady Cora's first video. You rock, Lady C.!!! Thanks for being my role model. June P.S. I'll have Jonathan drop you a note of thanks as well when his backside is a little more receptive to SITTING at the computer :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you all!
I'm ready for my maintenance spanking here, too bad lovely Cora isn't here to give the Wife tips :)
Sara E