April 28, 2014

Fun & Games at the Safeway

It never ceases to amaze me how Cora seems to attract attention whenever we go shopping 'out and about'. She just seems to bring out the best in people and many fun conversations have resulted from our interactions.  It seems that people can just feel Cora's positive energy and want to experience some of it.  I know that I just love being on the edge of all her energy.

Today was no exception.  We were stocking up on things at our local Safeway and found ourselves engaged with several other customers, but especially one lady.  The conversation just kept going and we were having quite a good time.  So much so that some of the staff, who we already know quite well, had to come to see what all the fun was.  It was certainly 'party time' at the Safeway.

So what does this have to do with our FLR and our blog?  Well, I could sense that Cora and this other woman were both women who enjoyed their power.  And while I don't know if she was a candidate to be the leader of a Female Led Relationship, I certainly felt she had potential.  So I mentioned to Cora to give her one of our cards.  Its a business sized card with a pic of Cora and the link to our website.

So Ma'am (I'll keep her anonymous), if you log on just know that this post is about you.  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you.

And isn't it interesting to know that you never know when you might run into a 'kindred spirit' somewhere.


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling you will hear from her. Who knows you may find yourself being spanked by two women.

Njspank said...

Inspirational as always, Cora amazing and you are a great partner....let's hope she contacts you all but if not no doubt Cora's brush will keep you in line.

Respecting Mistress said...

Fascinating. What if she does make contact?

I'm not sure I'd be so brave to engage with someone who seemed like FLR material - but having said that, Mistress does enjoy treating me as her sub when were out shopping. She loves to tell the checkout ladies that I'm along to carry her shopping, stuff like that.

Does Cora do that too?

I think I'll probably try not to show Mistress this latest blog post. Don't want to give her any ideas!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken,sounds like you and Ms. Cora enjoyed yourselves. Always fun when you meet up with someone that might like the sames things we do.

Like I always say, you and I are lucky guys!!

Hopefully you'll hear from this Lady, and find you have more in common then you know. I'm sure Ms. Cora would really enjoy you over both their laps at the same time.


June said...

Dear Lady Cora, Loved your recent maintenance spanking videos, especially the closing credits to part one when we can hear the hairbrush being administered while the lovely still picture of you looking TOTALLY IN CONTROL appears on the screen. You are my FLR HERO and as a result, Jonathan now receives weekly Wednesday maintenance hairbrush spankings as well. Thank you for being an INSPIRATION!!! June