April 23, 2014

Ramblings on Paddles and Things

Well its Wednesday and in our house it means 'Maintenance Spanking Day'.  It seems like just yesterday that we recorded our video of one of those Maintenance Spankings.  But that video was taken two weeks ago.  And so far the two videos have racked up a total of over 15,000 views between the two of them on both YouTube and SpankingTube.

So far we have received eight comments on our blog and a few on SpankingTube too.  One of those indicated he thought Cora's dialogue to be 'corney but hilarious'.  Others thought it was 'cute', 'short but to the point' and several liked the fact that I was wearing her panties.  In fact one of the comments 'hoped I would steal more panties, soon'.  Not to worry, I will likely maintain my status as a 'panty thief' and will no doubt get 'caught'.

That's My Panties!!!
I have been spending time getting caught up with our Tumblr sites.  I keep two sites, 'SpankedbymyLady' and 'SpankedbyWife' that I post the pix that are posted here.  I still have a post to catch up with (two now with this one) and I have embedded links to our videos too.
Cora the Girdle Model
You may also be aware that Cora models some of her lingerie (girdles, specifically) and has quite a following on one of the Yahoo Groups.  I have created a Tumblr site, 'LadyCorasGirdles' where I have been posting pictures and videos from her girdle modeling sessions.  And since I have been updating things, her pictures are starting to show up in other sites as her pix are 'ReBlogged'. 

Well, today is Wednesday and I expect that Cora will be applying her Ebony Hairbrush later.  We don't plan on pictures or videos so I expect more of a 'no-nonsense' type of spanking.  Its fun to create videos and take pictures but it does take away some of the focus on getting spanked.  I am looking forward to an 'old fashioned, good, hard spanking' from Cora today. 

Last Wednesday as I was waiting for Cora to deliver last week's maintenance spanking, I thought I'd make an attempt at writing a story.  I thought it would really get me into the mood and indeed it did.  I've thought about writing for quite some time but wasn't sure where to start.  But last Wednesday I just started writing.  Writing about my memories of fifth grade and how my female teacher would offer a choice if she caught you mis-behaving, like talking out of turn in class.  'Spats or Sentences' was the term used and you could either write 500 lines or take a paddling.  Now, I was very much aware of my own sexual attraction to the idea of getting paddled by a strict, female authority figure.  And while I was disciplined several times for things like talking in class, I never had the nerve to take a paddling.  Something I still regret. So I started writing a story about what would happen if I had chosen a paddling. 

One of the first paddles I purchased was a classic 'school paddle'.  It's 18 inches long overall with the handle taking up about 6 inches.  The width is 3-1/2 inches and its about half an inch thick.  Its made out of a light wood, perhaps ash or maple and has a natural finish.  My memories of the paddles used during my grade school years was very similar.  At least that's what I remembered.  So its a little smaller than our classic Spencer and a lot lighter than the PurpleHeart paddle. 
That's the School Paddle in the Middle
So I pulled it off Cora's rack.  I was thinking that I might ask Cora to apply a dozen or so hard swats so that the description in my story might be more accurate.  However, I had completed my story before I could make my request to Cora.  But that paddle remained sitting on our table.  And it did not go unused.

The next day Cora and I got into a 'discussion'.  Well maybe more than just a discussion.  I won't go into the details but lets just say that we both had a strong opinion about something and neither of us was willing to cave.  Don't get me wrong, we were not in a 'fight' or even an argument but were having a light hearted disagreement.
Cora with Her Trusty Spencer
It didn't take very long for Cora to decide to drive her point home.  With a paddle, that is.  So soon I found myself bent over our kitchen table.  Now, normally Cora would go for her Spencer Paddle but she couldn't help but noticing the 'school paddle' still sitting conveniently on the table and decided to grab it.  I soon found myself getting paddled.  And quite hard, too.  No holding back this time.  Cora was determined to get me to change my mind and agree with her. 

Keep in mind that we were both laughing our way through this discussion but I wasn't about to give in.  However, Cora wasn't about to give in, either.  "So, do you agree with me, now," she kept asking, accentuating her point with another hard swat of the paddle.  "No, Ma'am," I politely disagreed.  "Whack," was her reply.  Well, this went on for quite a while and I was really feeling the heat and sting from her paddling.
Cora Lands a Good One!
What the outcome was doesn't matter but finally we both backed down.  But the bottom line (I love those puns!) was that Cora had forgotten how much she likes using that paddle.  I think my future will include a number of padding's from it.  I won't complain. 

Oh and I think I got sufficient results for the research I needed for my story. And my story has been submitted for publishing.  I'll post more on the status of it when I hear back from the publisher.


Anonymous said...

I love your description of Cora spanking you during a "disagreement" I can see it taking place in my minds eye. You both got something out of that spanking. Cora enjoyed using the paddle, you enjoyed the feel of the paddle and it helped with your story.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

In the fifth grade we were not offered options, the teacher decided the punishment. I never wanted to be punished and I especially did not want to be paddled. But I was. I was not then, or now, attracted to a strict, female authority figure. In fact, any authority was repulsive to me. So you see we started from different places and still are in different places. But, we also share some common interests.

Respecting Mistress said...

Glad to hear Cora is keeping you in check. Interesting how you were given a choice of lines or a paddling at school. Do you think that your fear of getting paddled at school, and subsequent escape from it's corrective measures thanks to your teacher giving your the option, left a deep-seated (I love those puns too) desire within you to experience the paddle as an adult?

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog! The spanking Lady Cora provides seems very "good". I must say that the wide variety of implements make Lady Cora one of the best spankers I have seen :) Maybe some of the spankings could be more severe (seen just few clips) but overall I am so impressed!:)
Btw: Might I as whether Lady Cora wears mules/slides during spankings? Or maybe She could use a slipper on the naughty bottom? I would be very much interested in seeing and reading about such spankings:)
Best regards

spankedbywife said...

Thanks for all the comments. We thrive on them.

Archedone- What we just described was certainly good for both of us. I know that Cora loved the stress release and I certainly enjoyed getting paddled.

OBB- It is interesting to compare our differences and common interests too.

RM- I must admit that I had a deep-seated desire to experience the paddle as a fifth-grader. I was fully aware of my interests in spanking at that age.

M- Thanks for the kind words. Cora really appreciates your confidence in her as an accomplished spanker. I can certainly provide 'first hand' testimonies. And I think we have remarked about the difference in recording a video during a spanking scene vs. one without a video. We will be working on making our future videos a bit more intense. And finally Cora often wears her 4 inch heels when she spanks me. Or at least heels of some kind. Cora has considered slippers and thongs but she just prefers her WAD's (Weapons of Ass Destruction) that are designed exclusively for spanking. (OK, the hairbrush might be an exception but Cora doesn't use her wooden hairbrushes for her hair care).

Njspank said...

Well done Cora, amazing video by the way and you two are an amazinf spanking couple....thanks

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see lovely Cora again! Love the vids of her disciplining you, and the girdle. I have to admit, watching Cora in both, and her paddling you, has me tenting my Vanity Fairs! CD sara elise