April 3, 2014

Wednesday is Maintenance Spanking Day

Cora and I have attempted to adopt a weekly maintenance spanking schedule.  We have chosen Wednesday as the day.  One of the reasons we have adopted the idea of maintenance spankings is so that we don't loose site of my need and desire to be spanked and her desires to administer a sound spanking.  There are benefits to both of us but sometimes its just too easy to let things go.

We have related the influences from reading Ms. Francy's wonderful books in previous posts.  Cora especially, now better understands the how's and whys and delivers a 'good and hard' spanking, just like I want and need. Cora finds stepping up the intensity is satisfying to her, too.  Apparently very satisfying!

So yesterday (Wednesday), Cora announced, "today is the day and I'm going to spank you good and hard!"  After our morning coffee rituals Cora retired to the bedroom to get dressed.  Once ready, she proceeded to select the implements she planned on using.  These included: which included her new (and now favorite) Ebony Hairbrush, her OTK Spanking Paddle, her Leda Hairbrush and finally the Bottom Burner, a purpleheart paddle that we purchased from the good people at Caniac.

Her Ebony Hairbrush
(her new favorite)
Her OTK Spanking Paddle

Her Nu-West/Leda Hairbrush

Her Caniac Bottom Burner
Once situated in the middle of our couch she beckoned me to her.  "Put on some music", she instructed.  In the past some of the selections from Led Zeppelin seemed to inspire her (she loves to spank with the beat of drummer, John Bonham), so I selected the play list that has our collection stored.  I hit 'random' and then placed myself over Cora's waiting lap.  And inspired she was.  She proceeded to warm me up with a short hand spanking then proceeded to her other 'WAD's (Weapons of Ass Destruction). 
Ebony Hairbrush Ready to Strike
I had hoped to turn on our video cameras and capture the whole thing on video.  However, Cora said, "No, not this time" and delivered a volley of spanks with her hairbrush to accentuate her instruction.  "And if you ask again, I'll paddle you just like that!"  She then switched from hairbrush to paddle to the other paddle to another hairbrush, and so on.  Cora's dialogue included her observations of the different implements, how they sounded on impact and how they felt in her hand.  One comment was that it took lots of effort to spank me with the Caniac paddle and that the Ebony hairbrush took much less effort for about the same impact.  Of course being on the receiving end, I felt quite an impact from both.  They are all interestingly different.

So on she went.  I know that her spanking spanned three songs and based on my memory of the songs that came up, my spanking lasted a solid 15 minutes (maybe more).  Needless to say, I felt one heck of a sting.

Once Cora finished up I talked her into letting me get our camera out so that I could show the results of her spanking.
Wednesday's Results: A Spanking From Cora

  Just for 'fun' I am including a pic taken about two years ago to show the contrast.
Results from Two Years Ago
Believe me, Cora's recent spankings are much more intense then they were back then.  The marks will last for at least 5 days and probably a week.  Just in time for my next maintenance spanking.  Today (Thursday) I am still feeling a noticeable sting and after an inspection, Cora indicates I'm still quite red.  Thank you Ms. Francy!

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Anonymous said...

I must say Cora did a very good job of spanking you. Nice deep red color and I'm sure sore. A few times R has spanked me with different implements and told me to guess what the implement was. Each has it's own sting but I had trouble between the belt and strop.