April 14, 2014

Wednesday is Spanking Day - Part 2

And part 2 is reserved for when Ms. Cora has found my behavior to warrant additional discipline.  In our maintenance spanking arrangement this second part involves Cora applying her Spencer Paddle to my naughty behind.

I think a couple of comments are in order here.  Note that the overall spanking I received last Wednesday was relatively short; about 3 minutes combined.  Compare that to the previous week's session which was about 15 minutes (based upon the music that was playing).  And that week's maintenance spanking did not even require a second part (I was such a good husband!)

So chalk up the shortness to the fact that we haven't done a video for a while.  And there is so many things requiring attention during the creation of a video.  Not that we're making excuses but both Cora and I learn quite a bit from the process.  And we really do appreciate the comments we receive and they also provide great input on how we can improve things. 

So here is the rest of the video:

And as I am writing this, next Wednesday is only two days away!


bobcat said...

AGAIN, I hope that you don't tired of me saying this, but THIS was so cute!!

I LOVE Cora's "bluster"!!!!

Man, you guys must have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Another good post. Cora sure knows how to scold, and I bet that paddle has a sting to it.
I can see when a spanking is called for you don't argue with her which is smart on your part.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

You just need a camera person, so you two can concentrate on the action.

Anonymous said...

Great post, and video! Love seeing lovely Cora in action! Hope you steal some more panties soon! :) Sara