April 8, 2014

Cora's Spanking Chair

I think it may be obvious that Cora and I both prefer the Over-The-Knee position for spanking.  And the OTK position dictates a certain group of spanking implements that work better for the shorter distance between her hand and my bottom.  Thus hairbrushes, OTK Spanking Paddles and her hand are the implements that work best for the OTK position. Now that's not to say that I will receive my share from her larger paddles but that works much better when I am just bent over in front of her and she is standing to my left side in delivering the paddle's kiss.

The OTK position requires Cora to be in a sitting position.  In the past we have used our couch, bed and our kitchen chairs.  However, I have always wanted to find the 'perfect' chair for Cora to use when taking me over her knee for one of my spankings.  While comfortable, the bed and couch just didn't seem to all me to present my bottom in quite the right way and our kitchen chairs are just a little bit too close to the floor.

Yesterday, we were 'out and about' and one of our stops was to be 'Bed, Bath and Beyond'.  Cora loves shopping there and always carries a plethora of coupons from them.  Our usual BB&B store is located in one of those small neighborhood shopping centers but on this occasion we were at one of the major shopping malls in our area.  We had been in this store in the past but were unprepared for the expansion that this particular BB&B had undergone.  Wow!  This store seemed to have everything.  From Coffee, Tea, giant Tootsie Pops, pots and pans, spatulas, kites, bedding, pillows, MP3 speakers and so on, and so on.

So it was no surprise when we stumbled upon a selection of furniture.  There was a kiosk with a few kitchen stools displayed about eye level with boxed items tucked underneath.  I spotted a really nice looking kitchen stool that featured a nicely leather clad seat that had a gentle curve.  It was labeled as a 'Saddle Stool'.  Cora saw me looking at it and immediately instructed me to "take it down and put it on the floor so I can sit in it".  Down it came and Cora found it to be very comfortable.  She then surprised me by saying, "I want to see what its like to have you over my lap". 

Really?  Here in the store?  Well, there was no refusing and quite frankly there was an erotic rush associated with taking the risk of 'getting caught'.  So over I went.  Right there in the store in the classic 'Over-the-Knee' position.  Anyone who might wander by couldn't miss the intent.

Cora felt really comfortable with me over her lap and we decided to purchase one.  Not only did it seem quite sturdy but it was priced right and Cora had coupons!  Oh and it was made in the USA (Illinois).  I was certainly excited that Cora also agreed that we needed a dedicated spanking chair.

When we returned home I was anxious to put the chair together and started to unpack the parts.  Assembly was simple requiring only eight fasteners.  However in my haste to assemble the chair, I knocked over a glass of water.  The result was a resounding 'crash' and broken glass and water all over the floor.  Needless to say, Cora was not happy.  "Just wait until your Wednesday spanking", she said.  "You're really going to get it then!"

Our Wednesday maintenance spanking regimen consists of two parts; an OTK spanking and a second phase for me to atone for any specific misbehavior during the preceding week.  Up to now my Wednesday spankings had only consisted of the first part.  Tomorrow will be the first time Cora will administer a second part to my spanking.  I'm not sure how she will carry out the second phase but I'm guessing it will include a session with one of her larger paddles, most likely the Spencer Paddle.  For me there is always an erotic aspect of an upcoming spanking but this time there is an element of fear and maybe a little dread added knowing that I've got more that the usual OTK spanking coming.  I'm sure there will be more to come in a later post regarding the outcome.

It may even include some time on her 'Chair of Discipline', something that Cora has thought up as an alternative to 'corner time'.

Once the mess was cleared up I did finish putting the chair together.  I wanted Cora to sit in it and let me take a few pictures.  It certainly looks like it will fulfill its function as the perfect 'spanking chair'.

Its 24 inches off the floor which is a full 6 inches taller than our kitchen chairs.  It has no arms and no back to restrict Cora when swinging her hairbrush or paddle.

 When Cora sits back in it and I am draped over her lap the center of gravity should make it quite comfortable for her.  And at its height I will have less support from my arms and legs which should put my bottom in a better position for Cora to apply her hairbrush, paddle or hand.  Indeed I will be at her 'mercy'.
Tomorrow should be an interesting day!


Baxter said...

I have also looked at interesting furniture when out shopping. One store we were in is Home Goods and an ottoman caught my eye as possibly a good perch to lie over, waiting for a strapping. us perverts have a eye for this stuff, I guess.

Anonymous said...

A true spanko is always on the look out for implements, and ways to make spanking easier of the spanker, and to give the spanker a better target to aim for. Myself I took a few measurements and made a spanking bench/chair for R to put me over. You will have to let us know how it works.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that I do like your discipline stool. I just might mention that to R, I feel it's something she would enjoy seeing me sitting on.

Respecting Mistress said...

I love the way Cora tested the stool in the shop. Priceless! I trust you will both maximise the use of the new piece of furniture - and regale us with your experiences! So looking forward to hearing them. Looks to me that the stool is also high enough for your to be bent over it should as more severe caning be called for?

Anonymous said...

2003WOW!! OTK right there in the store. Imagine if she made you bare your hiney as well!! You are a very lucky fellow to have such a caring and loving wife. Have fun sitting down on that discipline stool.

spankedbywife said...

OK, I'm still trying to figure out how I can reply to each comment individually.

Baxter- Its always interesting to look at something and imagine how it might be utilized for our 'spanking thing'. Ikea used to have an interesting ottoman/bench thing.

archedone- I have the plans for the Nu West/Leda spanking bench (the one that leans forward) and have rough cut the parts. But its been several years. I think Cora's new spanking chair will work just fine.

RM- Not only do I hope that you will be hearing from us but also to see it. As I'm writing this, the cameras are getting topped off with a charge. Today is my 'maintenance spanking' day and Cora will be utilizing her new spanking chair for the first time. And yes, we have tried the position of me bending over it, too. Looks like the second phase of my spanking will be in that position with me receiving a good hard paddling from Cora with her Spencer paddle!

Anon- Yes, I am lucky, indeed.

Thanks to all for the comments!

Anonymous said...

As I have been spanked by women who are mostly shorter than I am and who do not have
quite long legs, I find the classic otk position far from ideal, especially for a longer spanking.
It feels to me like a lot of balancing not to fall from her lap.
On a bed or on the couch is in so far more convenient as the upper body of the spankee is supported
by the furniture.
When a spanking chair is used, I find the best otk position where the lady sits on a chair with spread legs, and the spankee kneels between her legs and drapes him self over the knee of the lady
opposite her spanking hand.
So over her left knee when she is righthanded, her left knee when she is lefthanded.
The position being knelt more humble and the lady can make a longer swing.
In this position an armless and backless chair is the best option.