May 31, 2014


Since I have written about our 'Notice of Discipline' form in our previous post and also uploaded a picture of it to my profile area of FetLife, I have received over a half dozen requests for copies.  There has also been a number of comments added to the picture of it on FetLife.  One of those comments really intrigued me.

The comment left by one young woman said, "Dare we ask what 'petticoating' is?"  Obviously she had looked closely at our Notice of Discipline form, specifically in the 'Discipline Recommendation' area of the form where one of the check box options is 'Petticoating'.

It appears that the term 'Petticoating' is just not used much any more.  In the early days of Nu-West, I had seen it referred to often.  In fact they offered a publication, "A Complete Guide To Petticoat Punishment" in their Catalog Number Four.  This Catalog was the first one I received from Nu-West and is one of my prized possessions.  It is interesting to note that this publication did not show in Nu-West Catalog Number Five or Six (that's as far as I looked).

A Scan of the Cover
On page 35 of Catalog Number Four is a description of the Complete Guide.  Included in the description is "A must for the dominant wife or girlfriend who discovers that SHE is in charge".  The price was a mere $5.95.  I purchased a copy.  I am not sure of the publication date of the Catalog but included on the page that described the Complete Guide is an announcement, "Publications Available October 1, 1982".  That sounds about right based on my memories.  But that makes it well over 30 years ago.  Oh, and as an insert to Catalog Number Four was an advertisement for 'Pamela Peterson's Punishment Panties'.  Note the caption, "Husband or boyfriend been a bad little boy?  Spank him soundly and then put him in these pretty punishment panties for the rest of the day."  Funny that there doesn't seem to be a price.  But it does seem that Petticoat Punishment was a big focus in the early days of Nu-West.

So I pulled my copy of the Complete Guide and read it once again.  It is a fascinating document to read and describes in great detail both Petticoat Punishment and how a woman should (or at least could) establish her dominance over her man.  The introduction indicated that Petticoat Punishment originated in the UK and Europe when many families employed 'Governesses' to look after the children.  It was when a popular instrument of correction was the rattan cane.  However as the book states, "A wise governess soon learned that using a can on some young boys only made them a hero in the eyes of the other children."  It seems that some of the more knowledgeable governesses would make some of their naughty male charges wear girls clothing for a period of time.  "The idea was that a young gentleman who had to attend tea dressed in satin slippers, white silk hose, petticoats, and a dress certainly would not feel like a hero." Thus the term 'Petticoat Punishment'.  The Complete Guide further states, "Perhaps after tea the governess would continue his punishment by placing him over her lap, baring his bottom and administering a sound spanking with a hairbrush. The other children, hearing the cries and pleas of the victim and witnessing the colorful effect of the paddling certainly had no desire to experience the same treatment themselves."

So I hope that explains Petticoat Punishment and a bit of its origins.  The book goes on to explain how a wife could 'Petticoat' her husband.  The recommendations are for at least three 'uniforms': one for the 'Serving Maid', another for the 'Working Maid' and finally the 'Punishment Uniform'.  There are also plenty of references on how to apply discipline, recommendations on spanking implements and even positions such as the classic Over-the-Knee and 'bend over and grab your ankles'.  In addition there are precautions on the application of corporal punishment but also, "A dose of corporal punishment should have dual effect.  It should be extremely painful while it is being applied and the area it was applied to should remain very tender for a period of time afterwards.  This tenderness serves as a lasting reminder of both the offense and the corrective action".

On the last page some conclusions are made including: "Domestic discipline as I have described it here is probably practiced in many more homes than you and I would ever guess".  "Always remember the key traits of a dominant woman.  She is firm but fair, strict, demanding, aloof and unyielding".  "And above all when that bare bottom is turned upside down across your knee waiting for the paddle or hairbrush don't disappoint him.  When you let him up his eyes should be wet with tears, his knees should be quivering and his bottom should be blistered- and I do mean blistered!"

I don't think I could have said it better!  Even though we have been promoting these ideas for several years now.  Note especially the words, "don't disappoint him" above.  When we boys are naughty we do want to be held accountable and suffer the consequences.  Its how we submissive men know we are both forgiven and loved.

So, does Cora 'Petticoat' me?  Well, we have experimented in it some but she has never checked the 'Petticoating' box on our form.  A few Halloween seasons ago we did find a 'French Maid' costume that fit me (at least then).  I have to admit that there is an erotic element when Cora makes me wear such things.  She even found a pair of women's shoes that fit me with slightly high but reasonable heels.  She even found a wig for me to wear (another Halloween find).
Wear These!
I don't like to feel that some of the things we employ 'humiliate' me.  I much prefer to consider that some of these things are the ways I express my submissiveness to her.  And for me it is very erotic.  And it doesn't work unless Cora initiates it.  I have recently chatted with a gentleman who really enjoys crossdressing.  I have seen pictures and he is amazing when dressed up and made up to look like a woman. However its not 'my thing'.  But I do enjoy it when Cora instructs me to wear her panties.  I guess I'm lucky in that I can fit in her panties and it makes it more special when its HER panties that she makes me wear.  And I do know plenty of guys who also share my excitement about our wives' panties and many also express an erotic desire to be made to wear them.  Of course, there is a reason I purchased the Complete Guide.  Would I like it if Cora stepped up her dominance through Petticoating?
Your Panties for the Night!
So I hope the above helps to explain things and also a little of the history (Herstory?) surrounding it.


Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to have my girlfriend force me to wear bras and panties during one of our sessions with the spencer paddle. She has begun adding pegging to the discipline

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken:

Seems we both enjoy practically the same thing. which doesn't surprise much. It seems you and I have been on the same page since we met!!

Loved the description you gave of the term "petticoating".

Hope you and Ms. Cora are doing well, talk to you soon.


Njspank said...

Amazing, just amazing post, sorry been off line for a while but Cora looks so wonderful and well we all know our love for panty and it

Anonymous said...

My wife likes me in panties for a spanking. It starts with them up then pulled down as the spanking progresses.The way your wife stands there with panties raised is very erotic. Love every aspect of being a 'pantyman'.

dualpurpose said...

Petticoating is an older term not used much any more. However, it is a wonderful traning concept and tool. It certainly trained and continues to train me.

Jonathan said...

Hi Lady Cora and Ken: Re Petticoating: Not our "cup of tea". We limit our FLR activities to OTK spankings, corner time and mouth soaping (if appropriate for the offensive behavior). After trying maintenance spankings, we recently discontinued them as it seemed unfair to administer discipline in the absence of a specific offense. Guess we're just old fashioned. Jonathan and June

Anonymous said...

On opening this site I was thrilled in particular to see the final picture of lady Cora in her black foundation clothing. The composite of that attire,her long startling hair,buxom posterior,dominant figure and most frightening the large ebony hairbrush in hand. I can't imagine the excitement of being positioned bare across her generous lap.William

Anonymous said...

I can speak to petticoat punishment. Years ago I was suspended from school for a week for being tagged as an incorrigible. My mother had to pick me up and deal with me covering home study. The first thing she dealt me with on arriving home was was a verbal and strap thrashing using my deceased father's razor strap. That followed with my fist ever hairbrush spanking with a brush very much like the large heavily bristled hair brush shown in the displayed items. I then learned I was not permitted outside for the week and I was to be petticoated which insured I would remain in. I'll never forget the experience and the introduction to mother's hairbrush.I was on the receiving end of it as well as the strap at length the night before I was to return to school and relieved of wearing female garments.Hairbrush spanking remained for my teen years and beyond.