June 29, 2014


As much as we make an attempt to keep our Female Led Relationship energized including spankings at regular intervals, it just seems like life gets in the way.  So our intended Wednesday maintenance spanking plans sort of faded into the sunset.  I can't even remember when I received last Wednesday spanking.  Probably something like 3 or maybe even four weeks ago.  In any event it just wasn't working.

Recently there has been some interesting activity from some of you with regard to our Notice of Discipline forms.  There was a surge of requests and I sent out over a half dozen to you.  (And my offer still applies: if you want a copy in MicroSoft Word format, just drop us an e-Mail).  I even received a copy of one of the forms that was filled out along with a few pictures of his bottom after receiving a spanking following the filling out of one of the forms.  I plan to share those with the group hopefully in the near future.

So I started thinking about the form and also about our maintenance spankings.  Probably dangerous!

Over five years ago Cora and signed a contract that deals with our relative disciplinary positions.  Its basically a modified 'Spencer Spanking Plan' contract that basically states that Cora has permission to spank me along with a responsibility to spank me.  This contract was set up before we 'invented' our Notice of Discipline form.

I thought it might make sense to make an amendment to our contract.  Not a complete revision as it still applies in its current form, but amendments that will address some of the aspects of the forms.  For example, sometimes Cora will issue a form and then not execute the appointed discipline.  This happens for many reasons often just because other priorities arise.  So I thought that our forms should have an expiration. What I came up with was a time period of 3 days (72 hours).  The form becomes null and void after the expiration of 72 hours.  Now, if Cora still believes I should be disciplined, she has the ability to re-issue the Notice of Discipline but it now will have a new time and date that the discipline will be administered.

I also addressed the part of the form that indicates 'mild', 'moderate' and 'severe'.  I came up with the idea that if the 'spanking' box is checked, an assignment of 'mild' discipline would be five minutes over her knee with a spanking from her Hairbrush, OTK Spanking Paddle, or any other implement appropriate for an Over-The-Knee spanking.  Likewise, a 'moderate' spanking would be ten minutes and a 'severe' spanking would be fifteen minutes.  We have that really nice five minute 'hourglass' that we obtained from the good folks at Cane-Iac and thought that Cora could turn it over the appropriate number of times.

I have nearly completed the amendments to our contract to address the Notice of Discipline forms and have also been working on some thoughts that I plan to add as amendments to address our Maintenance Spanking schedule including changing the day to Sunday.

Since this is Sunday, I asked Cora if she was up for some research into the idea of a Sunday spanking and also how a five minute session of OTK spanking from her Ebony Hairbrush and her OTK Spanking Paddle.  She complied!
Cora included this OTK Paddle in my spanking

I must say that as I am writing this post I am not sitting comfortably.  I just received five minutes of Cora's Ebony Hairbrush and her OTK Spanking Paddle and she left me with a very red bottom with little white 'bull's eye' marks.

Although the Spanking Bench has been changed, this is about what I was faced with earlier this evening: Cora's Ebony Hairbrush
The result of the research seems to be positive.  Very Positive!  We both feel nicely charged up as a result and I have a great view of Cora's curvy Derriere while she is composing one of her awesome red bell pepper sauce that will eventually be served over pasta.  She is 'groovin' to the blues music we are listening to and watching her is really great eye candy.  Can you believe that 'I'm a Bad Boy', just came up on the radio?
I'll probably get spanked for posting this view of Cora but from comments I've received I'm not the only one in line to be spanked for looking at this view!
Even though its been a while since our last post, there have been a number of developments I want to share with you who have kept loyal to reading our blog.  This includes a new 'Spanking Bench' that works even better than the one we posted about way back in April.  More to come.  Cora has suggested we get the camera out to capture some of our new developments.

And a sincere thanks to those who have left comments.


Anonymous said...

I feared you and Lady Cora had vanished. I for one would love to see your new spanking bench and maybe a view of it being used. Life does get in the way but please try and post more often.

Respecting Mistress said...

Hi Ken,

Great to hear from you and that Cora is still disciplining you. Five minutes of paddling sounds painful.

Can't wait to see your new spanking bench. we desperately need something that restricts me a little more so Mistress can punish more effectively.

Best wishes


tommyspt said...

we seem to think an awful lot alike and i find all of the pictures of Ms Cora to be fantastic. this is a most favorite view for me although I love so many different vies of the spanker. any that show her mottom as the the spanking is given , i also love the pictures of her as she is in a happy mood when she is about to give you a panking. i can go on and on , just pleae keep them coming. tommy