July 2, 2014

Notice of Discipline - Results

I have mentioned how much fun we have had with our little 'Notice of Discipline' form and how I have made them available to anyone who has asked for them.  Well one of the naughty boys who reads our blog made just such a request and shared his results.
Above is a scan of one of the forms that was used by a lady who subsequently spanked him.  The names of the 'Delinquent' and 'Mistress in Charge' have been scrubbed out (to protect the guilty?) at his request.

And he also sent a couple of pictures of his disciplinary spanking and gave me permission to post them.  As you can see he got his bottom reddened quite nicely in the classic 'leg locked' position as she indicated on the form.

Its really nice to see the result of the use of one of our forms.  Thanks to you for sharing.

And our offer still stands.  If you want a copy of the form in the original MicroSoft form just send us a request via e-Mail.


Anonymous said...

That was nice of him to share the form with us, and a few good pictures of his well spanked bottom.
Would love to see a few forms that were filled out by Cora.

Underling said...

Hello there!

I think it's wonderful that the 'Notice of Discipline' form has become something of a trademark for you and Cora, and that other people have had the pleasure of using it. It's great when something takes off like that.

Hope you remember that a copy even found its way onto a spoof magazine cover I drew back in early 2011 - which also goes to show how much longevity your little form has had!

Warm best wishes to both of you.