July 20, 2014

Parade Day - and a RFD

Yesterday was our local summer festival parade.  Cora and I belong to a club (not related to the FLR thing we do) and we represent the club in the parade.  We have a 21 year old Corvette and we place banners for the club on the doors and Cora rides in the back dancing to summertime music we blast from the sound system mounted on the luggage rack.  This year we had a full marching band behind us but based on comments from those in the audience there was no trouble for them hearing our music.  All in all its one of the highlights for us in the summer and its great fun.
Cora in last year's parade Rockin' out to the music
I think I have mentioned my fascination with women's panties, and Cora's in particular.  Its something that many of us naughty males seem to have in common.  Well, yesterday I thought I'd have a little fun with Cora and wore a pair of her panties while in the parade.
Prior to leaving the house I filled out a 'Request for Discipline' form.  I think its self-explanatory. Once we reached the staging area for the parade and I did one last round of polishing the car, the chaos finally subsided. I then reached into the glove box and pulled out the notice I had earlier filled out and handed it to Cora.

So far I haven't been held accountable as Cora is still recovering from her dancing marathon.  But I'm guessing she will be beckoning me to her lap, soon.  Oh, and its also my day for a maintenance spanking.  I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

I am lost for words. Who is in charge in this relationship? Not only do you take the decision to wear your Mistress's knickers, you then have the cheek to demand punishment in a place and to a degree determined by you! you need a thrashing so severe that you won't contemplate "topping from the bottom" again! I suggest that the Lady Cora tans your arse until it turns purple with bruising and then continues Her punishment until She cannot raise Her arm any more. you, by this time, should have learned your lesson, and should dread the command to "go and get My hairbrush." Just to remind you of your position in the great scheme of things, I would suggest a similar punishment EVERY DAY for a month. Then we'd see how anxious you'd be for a spanking! Hugs, licks and kisses to the Lady Cora. Ms O. XXxxXX

Njspank said...

Still sexy you two....love ya